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Watch Fleur East's coronavirus song: The One Show guest leaves viewers in hysterics!

As usual, The One Show returned for a new daily episode last night (March 25th) with Alex Jones.

However, the show feels very different these days as there’s no live audience in the studio. Plus, Alex presents the evening chatshow either on her own or with a guest host during Matt Baker’s self-isolation time at home.

Thankfully, Fleur East made a visit to the BBC studio on Wednesday night, bringing viewers at home a new hilarious coronavirus song.

So, here are the full lyrics to Fleur’s coronavirus song!

Fleur East on The One Show

What is Fleur East’s coronavirus song about?

Fleur’s song touched on all the latest trends with the coronavirus pandemic. From panic-buying Brits, to working at home with your kids, the singer came up with the ultimate coronavirus rap hit.

Plus, she rapped about the importance of staying at home and how it’s everyone’s responsibility to be sensible.

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Fleur East’s coronavirus song: Full lyrics

Here are the full lyrics for Fleur’s hilarious coronavirus song:

2020 yeah we’re living in some strange times

But we’re all in this together at the same time

It’s getting difficult and yeah it’s pretty crazy

But you can stay at home and nobody could call you lazy

Think about it, all the times you’ve called in sick

Every single alarm you snoozed every sick note every trick

Think of every annoying colleague all the ones who sold you juice

Now you can stay at home with a legitimate excuse

Think about it we can all fulfill our dreams

You can sit in your pants and have a work conference on Teams

You know what I mean, I know your kids can make you scream

But you can hold them close, tuck them in, watch them dream

Fleur East

Then the song continues:

At the supermarket instead of cleaning the shelves 

You should stay at home that’s what’s really good for your health 

Look at toilet paper what’s wrong with us 

You can wash your bum in the shower like what’s the fuss

I know things are out of balance things I know things are kinda off

I used to cough to hide a fart and now I fart to hide a cough

Make the most of it cause it won’t last forever

And the minute you get back to work you will be complaining about the weather

Or slagging off your boss or moaning about whoever 

You will be booking a flight for leisure for your business or your pleasure

Just don’t think about yourself think of everyone 

You can stand up for the world by just sitting on your bum 

Twitter reacts to the coronavirus song

Unsurprisingly, the lyrics of the song have left viewers at home in stitches.

Some have even said that Fleur should release the song as an official 2020 tune.




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