Garden Rescue pays tribute to Mark Watts - who was the gardener?

Garden Rescue is back on our screens in 2019 for more renovations, restorations and mega garden transformations.

The Rich Brothers, Charlie Dimmock and occasional stand-in Arit Anderson have been on the BBC every afternoon, showing us their green thumb wizardry and they’re undertaking bigger projects than ever!

Episode 24 (Thursday, September 5th) saw Arit and the Rich bros take on Marcus and Rebecca’s garden in Cambourne, Cambridgeshire. But when the episode concluded with a tribute to Mark Watts, many were left wondering who he was and what his connection to the show was.

Here’s what we found out.

Garden Rescue

Garden Rescue pays tribute to Mark

Arit and the Rich brothers had a successful episode helping Cambourne’s Marcus and Rebecca execute their tricky brief.

It was Arit’s “Australia-meets-Scotland” design which stole the show and won their approval. Marcus and Rebecca loved the end result!

At the end of the episode, the Garden Rescue team included a dedication to Mark Watts who passed away in 2019.

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Screenshot: Garden Rescue S4 E24 – iPlayer

Who was Mark Watts?

From what we found out, Mark worked on the first series of Garden Rescue as a participant. He featured in the Marlborough episode and when they visited Devizes.

Mark was a gardener and although it is unconfirmed what exactly he did on the show, he most likely would have been involved with the construction and landscaping of the garden.

He would have been just 53-years-old when he passed away. Mark’s cause of death is unconfirmed.

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Where did Mark work?

The Garden Rescue team are all actual professionals in the industry, they don’t just work in TV full time!

Mark’s exact work place is unknown, as there are two potential places he could have been working for.

One is at May & Watts Garden Design. This company is based in East Sussex and was founded in 1996. However, as you can still contact Mark Watts through this website, we think it is less likely that he worked there.

The second and more probable place is at M K Watts Ground Maintenance Ltd. This grounds maintenance and landscaping company is based in Oxfordshire – this is close to both Marlborough and Devizes – is currently managed by Steve Foster.

There is no trace of Mark Watts on the M K Watts team page.

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