Leaving a lasting impression on the Dragon’s Den judges was Gener8, a software firm idea which was pitched to them on the BBC series.

It is the tough entrepreneurial show which sees people with business ideas try to impress the judges, with hopes that they will decide to invest.

Founder Sam Jones entered the den with confidence – and it all paid off as two of the investors decided to help him out with the data-focused business.

So, what is the Gener8 business seen on Dragon’s Den? We explored the software company in depth. Find out more below…

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What is Gener8?

Gener8 Ads is a software firm which aims to keep your data private.

Based in London, England, the company already has over 30,000 users.

It is run by tech enthusiast Sam Jones, who decided to launch the company after discovering that companies take advantage of personal data.

The browser can be downloaded to protect your data, which enables users to either be rewarded for their data, or to be in control of their privacy.

Gener8 on Dragon’s Den: Firm explored

After an impressive pitch from Sam Jones, Peter Jones, Touker Suleyman, Tej Lalvani and Deborah Meaden decided to invest in the business.

The pitch was described as “outstanding”, with Touker actually going on to say it was “one of the best pitches he’s ever heard”.

Sam claimed that the advertising industry is built on “exploiting our data”, before asking for a £60K investment for 10% equity.

Customers can earn points when their data is tracked online using cookies, which can go towards charity donations, products or vouchers, or can stop companies from tracking them online in the privacy mode.

The dragons – except Sara Davies due to lack of expertise – decided to offer what Sam initially asked for, with Touker telling him that he could use his offices for free for a year, for up to six or eight employees.

Where is Gener8 after Dragon’s Den?

Currently, Gener8 can be downloaded onto a desktop to protect your data, or for customers to earn rewards.

Several Twitter users have urged Gener8 to become an app since appearing on Dragon’s Den, with one fan saying they could have a “million users in a few weeks” if they did so.

Touker also encouraged his followers to “control their data”, telling them he was very excited to work with Gener8.



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