Meet Geoff Harvey from The Repair Shop - 'Pinball Geoff' makes a comeback!

Geoff Harvey was on Repair Shop’s latest episode and viewers can’t get enough of him and his story. Also known as Pinball Geoff he is a fan-favourite on the BBC One show. Let’s meet the craftsman.

The Repair Shop is a British television series airing on BBC One presented by Jay Blades, in which people rescue broken objects and restore them.

Each episode features a cast of professional craftsmen from around the country restoring family heirlooms with sentimental value.

Geoff Harvey, widely known as “Pinball Geoff” made an appearance on last night’s show and viewers can’t stop talking about him. Here’s everything you need to know about the craftsman.

Who is Geoff Harvey aka “Pinball Geoff”?

Geoff Harvey is a pinball enthusiast, to the point where, at the age of 14, he gave up his bed to fit more machines in his room.

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Geoff fell in love with the arcade game as a teenager and his fascination led him to pursue it as a career, abandoning his original intentions to become a psychiatric nurse.

In an interview for the Hackney Gazette from 2017, Pinball Geoff explained: “I made my living doing that. It was only pocket money, but I got to play pinball for free. I ended up getting a job working for a pinball company, fixing them.”

Since then, Pinball Geoff has come a long way. He was first featured in The Repair Shop in 2017 and viewers enjoyed his genuine passion for the arcade game.

Geoff Harvey was featured again in the latest episode of The Repair Shop on December 2nd.

Pinball Geoff used his Facebook account to thank Jay Blades and The Repair Shop for having him again, and people had only positive comments to share. One wrote “Thank you for doing such a great job!”, while another commented they “shall be glued to the screen!” watching Geoff’s episode.

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