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Antiques Roadshow Will Farmer

Get to know Antiques Roadshow’s Will Farmer: Ceramics and glass expert!

Will Farmer is an expert on staple BBC programme Antiques Roadshow. Given that the show has been running for 42 years and is onto its 43rd season in 2021, it’s clear that Antiques Roadshow viewers love nothing more than seeing the interesting items the public brings onto the show valued.

The big question of whether it was worth lugging the heirlooms down for the show or whether most things are better off left at home collecting dust is often answered on the show and many who appear on Antiques Roadshow are told that there is cash to be had for their collectibles.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the extensive knowledge of the Antiques Roadshow experts, so let’s get to know more about Will Farmer.

Screenshot: Antiques Roadshow Will Farmer – BBC

Antiques Roadshow: Meet Will Farmer

Will Farmer is an auctioneer as well as an expert in ceramics and glass.

It’s unclear exactly how old Will is, but we can assume that he’s around 50 years old as per a 2020 interview with Fieldings Auctioneers.

The glass and ceramics expert spent a lot of time as a child in auction houses and antiques shops with his mother and grandmother in the midlands and north of England in Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire as stated in the same 2020 interview.

He’s a big fan of Clarice Cliff ceramics and exhibited some of his favourite antiques on the BBC show in remembrance of his late mother in 2021.

Will and his partner got married in 2018 and together they have two adorable dogs, Barney and Harvey.

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BBC: Will Farmer’s career explored

At just six months old, BBC star Will attended his first auction.

His mother and grandmother sparked his interest in antiques and speaking to Fiona Bruce of his mum, Will said: “I always said if I had 10 per cent of her eye and her knowledge and her love for this… I’d be good”. His mum passed away around 2013.

His Antiques Roadshow journey looks to have been pretty special. He told Fieldings Auctioneers in 2020 that he spent much of his childhood watching Antiques Roadshow and that the fact that he can have a job which is also his hobby. The expert joined the show in 2004. He’s also a director at Fieldings Auctioneers.

Antiques Roadshow: Is Will on social media?

Yes, Will can be found on Twitter @Will_Farmer with around 2,668 followers.

He’s also on Instagram @will_farmer99 with 2,470 followers.

Although Will looks to mainly post things related to his passion for ceramics and glass, he writes in his IG bio that he also loves “design, interiors, vintage, antiques, collecting & of course the other half!”.

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