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Get to know Hayley Pearce: Call centre tea lady to series star!

Starring in a TV show and then landing your own series isn’t something that happens every day. And down-to-earth Hayley Pearce is probably well aware of that!

BBC series ‘Hayley Goes…’ sees the Welsh presenter take a look at a variety of issues in 21st-century society from phone addiction to gym obsessions.

Hayley certainly has the ability to hold the viewers’ attention with her welsh charm, sense of humour and good looks.

So, who is Hayley Pearce? Here’s everything you need to know!

Screen Shot: Hayley Goes… – BBC

Who is Hayley Pearce?

Hayley was just a regular girl from Wales until she appeared on TV in 2013.

She’s now in her late twenties and works as a TV presenter for BBC One Wales and Three online. Although it seems that she liked to keep her private life under wraps, it’s clear from social media that Hayley has a serious boyfriend.

Hayley has over 10,000 followers on Instagram and over 30,000 on Twitter.

On Insta Hayley noted how she had worked in call centres for 12 years in 2018. She started out in a call centre after leaving school at 16 so we’d guess that Hayley is around 29 years old in 2019.

Hayley Pearce’s rise to fame

If you cast your mind all the way to 2013 you may remember a fly-on-the-wall BBC series called The Call Centre. The show focused on a Swansea call centre run by Neville ‘Nev’ Wilshire. However, many would argue that the real star of The Call Centre was its tea lady – Hayley Pearce.

Hayley looks to be the only cast member to move onto another TV role after appearing in The Call Centre and Nev’s Indian Call Centre in 2016.

She also presented BBC programme ‘Plastic Not Fantastic’ in early 2019 which you can watch via the iPlayer.

In 2019 Hayley has a new series out ‘Hayley Goes…’ which comes after the success of her first two BBC mini-series.

Screen Shot: Hayley Goes… – BBC

What is BBC’s Hayley Goes… about?

Hayley Goes… is a six-part series which sees the Welsh beauty experience different lifestyle choices. The reason for it? Hayley wants to see what effect they’re having on her generation today.

Everything from veganism to pregnancy is explored with Hayley even going into full costume as an OAP for one episode!

Episode 5 of the series, ‘Offline’, airs on BBC One Wales on July 19th. The episode sees Hayley look at what affect mobile phones and social media might have on her self-esteem and mental health. To do this she attempts to give up her phone for two weeks to explore the impact that constantly being connected has on today’s society.

Screen Shot: Hayley Goes… – BBC




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