Get to know Kate Flitcroft: Antiques Roadshow’s jewellery and silver expert

Get to know Kate Flitcroft: Antiques Roadshow's jewellery and silver expert

For anyone wishing to get to know more about Kate Flitcroft from Antiques Roadshow, you’re in luck as we take a look at the expert, including where she’s from, her career and whether she’s on Instagram.

There are many experts on the Antiques Roadshow team, over 80, in fact. With far-ranging specialisms from silver and jewellery to pictures and prints to ceramics and glass, there are no end of experts to be discovered.

Presented by Fiona Bruce, Antiques Roadshow airs every Sunday at 8 pm. The show has been airing over 40 years and is a true staple of the BBC.

Screenshot: Kate Flitcroft Antiques Roadshow – BBC

Who is Kate Flitcroft?

Kate Flitcroft is a jewellery and silver specialist who often appears on BBC show Antiques Roadshow. She joined the show in 2018.

She’s not only an expert when it comes to silver and jewellery but Kate is also an auctioneer and a gemmologist.

She’s previously worked at Christie’s auction house and she also taught as a gemmology tutor in 2017 according to LinkedIn.

Speaking to The New York Times in 2019, Kate said: “When I’m auctioneering, I feel in a state of flow. I lose myself in the room, in the bidders and in stoking the competition“.

On the subject of training to become an auctioneer, she added: “I’ve never worked so hard for anything before“.

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Where was Kate Flitcroft born?

Antiques Roadshow expert Kate Flitcroft hails from Kansas, USA originally. She attended Washington University in St. Louis, graduating in 2004 with a degree in architecture.

Kate went on to study modern and contemporary art at the University of Glasgow in 2006 according to her LinkedIn profile.

She now lives in West London with her husband and young son.

Kate also works in London as Head of Jewellery and Silver at Lyon & Turnbull auction house.

Antiques Roadshow: Meet Kate on Instagram

Antiques Roadshow’s silver and jewellery expert Kate, is on both Twitter and Instagram (@kateflitcroft) with a combined following of over 1,200.

From a scan of her IG account, Kate has a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Milton. She also attends many events all over the world for work and enjoys posting her favourite antique pieces to Instagram.

Kate describes herself in her bio as a “wife and mom” however, her husband, Adrian, doesn’t seem to feature so much on IG.

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