BBC One’s Money for Nothing truly brings the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” to life.

Sarah Moore, EJ Osborne and Jay Blades are regular faces on the show as presenters. But, just as important are the folks they enlist to up-cycle all kinds of furniture and unwanted items.

Each episode, viewers get to see items that were ready for the skip totally transformed. The best bit? The previous owners’ faces when they’re handed any profits made after selling the items!

Let’s get to know one of the specialists featured on Money for Nothing, blacksmith, Kev Paxton!

Kev Paxton
Screenshot: Kev Paxton Money for Nothing BBC One

Who is Kev Paxton?

Kev Paxton is an Edinburgh-based blacksmith who often features on BBC show Money for Nothing. According to his company website, Kev started out as an apprentice in 1989. Over the course of 10 years, he mastered his craft, then in 1999, he set up his own business – K Paxton Blacksmith

He doesn’t run K Paxton Blacksmith alone, though, three other blacksmiths work alongside Kev and together they’ve built a recognisable brand.

By the looks of things, Kev is talented in other areas, too. As explained on his ArtFe website, he says if he hadn’t become a blacksmith, he’d be “…giving Gordon Ramsay a run for his money in the kitchen!”.

Kev Paxton: Sculptures

Because of Kev’s incredible talent, he looks to have built up quite the fan base when it comes to his artwork. Many viewers of Money for Nothing often ask if Kev’s sculptures can be purchased and, by the looks of things, they can be by heading over to the ArtFe Instagram or Facebook pages.

The blacksmith draws inspiration from nature for his sculptures. See a variety of his metal artwork, which often incorporates salvaged metal, offcuts and waste via @artfe.sculpture.

Is Kev married?

When it comes to Kev’s personal life, it looks as though he likes to keep things private.

He may well have a wife as he’s often pictured with a female friend on the ‘ArtFe by K Paxton Blacksmiths’ Facebook page as well as a 2019 article from Agriland, however, this is solely speculation and the blonde bombshell pictured could simply be Kev’s work colleague!

For now, the blacksmith’s fans can enjoy seeing him on Money for Nothing as well as keeping up to date with his active IG presence. 

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