Gillian Anderson turns The One Show into The Great Escape - Twitter reacts in fury!

Alex Jones and Matt Baker were back on the green sofa for last night’s episode (Monday, January 20th) of The One Show.

The episode saw them joined by actress Gillian Anderson, royal biographer Gyles Brandreth and the three stars of a campaign inspiring women to get back into sport.

As the way things go when you broadcast live, there are often hiccups in the filming process. From arguments between the guests to the celebrities’ eyebrow-raising comments, The One Show has seen it all.

However, last night Alex and Matt had to deal with Gillian Anderson, who looked – and sounded – less than pleased to be on the show. Here’s what went down.

Screenshot: The One Show 20/01/2020 – iPlayer

Gillian Anderson on The One Show

Gillian had lots to talk about her work with Matt and Alex, however, the actress did not look all too pleased to be discussing it with the presenters.

With the recent release of Sex Education season 2 and the current production of The Crown season 4 – in which she’ll play the notorious Margaret Thatcher – Gillian had beans to spill.

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But every time Alex or Matt commenced a line of questioning, Gillian Anderson was wiggled her way around the question or was quick to shut them down.

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Gillian vs Gyles – comparison of cheer

What hammed up the fact that Gillian wasn’t in the chirpiest of moods was the direct comparison of her next to Gyles Brandreth.

The royal biographer was full of enthusiasm and character as he described the current Royal crisis. And it didn’t take fans all too long to spot that there was a marked difference between the two guests.

One viewer pointed on on Twitter that they didn’t think “this Gillian Anderson and Gyles Brandreth coupling on the #TheOneShow was or is a good idea!” Another concurred: “At least he [Gyles] is enthusiastic and interesting in his own unique way. Gillian is just the opposite in her unique way. Boring.”

However, there were some who found humour in Gillian’s shutdowns of Gyles. Particularly when the Thatcherite begged Gillian to do “the [Thatcher] voice” and she flat out refused!

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Screenshot: The One Show 20/01/2020 – iPlayer

Gillian’s great escape

When the credits began to roll, Gillian got up off the sofa in what looked like an attempt to get out of there as soon as possible.

In comparison to the four other guests and the two presenters, who all sat patiently waiting for the cameras to stop rolling, many viewers were unimpressed with Gillian’s move.

One viewer commented:

She looked liked she wanted to be anywhere else but on that sofa. Completely sour face and couldn’t leave quick enough!

So, maybe no more The One Show appearances for Gillian, eh?

Screenshot: The One Show 20/01/2020 – iPlayer




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