Ginny Lemon dramatically walked off during a lip sync battle, making their shocking exit from RuPaul’s Drag Race. So, what happened?

The UK version of Drag Race season two is getting well underway, with the drag queens bringing all the sass and glamour to the stage.

During the lip sync, one of the contestants decided to walk off, leaving the judges – including RuPaul – in shock about what just happened.

So, let’s revisit the historic moment that Ginny left the stage!

Screenshot: Ginny Lemon, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Series 2 Episode 4, BBC

Drag Race series 2 episode 4: Round-up

Ginny Lemon was against Sister Sister during the lip sync battle – as they were up for elimination on Thursday’s (January 5) episode.

The Worcestershire drag queen announced that she was going to “f*** it up, be punk” and do what they “always do”.

They added: “That’s my whole thing.”

As the song started to play, Ginny Lemon blew a kiss, walked towards the back of the stage, and made what looked like a swearing sign on their exit.

Ginny Lemon then laughed, before officially leaving the stage.

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Why did Ginny Lemon swear and walk off?

  • Ginny Lemon did not want to compete with their “sisters”

After their close friends Joe Black and Asttina Mandella were eliminated from the competition earlier, Ginny Lemon was left in tears.

Ginny Lemon and Sister Sister were best friends in the competition.

When asked why they left Drag Race, the queen revealed that they “did it for so many reasons”, as reported by the BBC.

They told the BBC:

Those two people were my friends before I went on the show and I couldn’t imagine creating a new friendship with somebody like Sister before seeing them go home. I did not want to compete with my sisters.

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Fans react to Ginny Lemon’s exit

Drag Race viewers were left in shock on Thursday’s episode, with several fans praising Ginny Lemon for their exit.

Many Twitter users thought that the queen deserved a crown purely for their “iconic” departure from the show.

However, a few fans of the series said that Ginny Lemon’s exit was made out to be more dramatic than it actually was.



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