Grand Designs couple Kate and Rob totally transform their 1940's prefab house

Grand Designs couple Kate and Rob totally transform their 1940's prefab house

Grand Designs is back in 2022 with a brand new series and Kevin McCloud is set to show off some of the UK’s most impressive builds. Many ambitious people have appeared on the show over the years and there are almost too many to count as Grand Designs has been airing since 1999. In 2022, the spotlight is on Kate and Rob’s prefab house in episode 2 of the show.

Episode 1 featured a glass house which Colin and Adele employed a team from all around the world to build. Now, Kevin is set to give viewers a glimpse at the transformation of Kate and Rob’s prefab.

Grand Designs’ prefab house

During Grand Designs series 21 episode 2, Kevin meets Kate and Rob.

They’re a couple who live in a 1940s prefab house that was built by Rob’s grandfather.

Generally speaking, prefab homes are only meant to last around 10 years, so the home is well overdue an update.

The couple wants to replace it with a bespoke, modern, warm home – which will also be built in a factory using volumetric modular construction per the Grand Designs Instagram page.

In the short time frame of around six weeks, Kate and Rob’s new house is created in a factory, complete with insulation, tiling and kitchen installation with the aim of having the build done as quickly as possible per the Chard and Ilminster News.

Kate and Rob’s build

While Adele and Colin’s home from episode 1 was round and took my longer to build than expected, Kate and Rob’s home is eye-catching and modern and comes complete with a striking balcony.

The Western Telegraph writes: “The two-storey, three-bed and two-bathroom home is built of six modules that are pre-fitted with everything the house needs, from kitchen cupboards to even light switches.”

Kate and Rob’s build could be one of the quickest seen on Grand Designs.

Where is the prefab house located?

The prefab home featured on Grand Designs in 2022 is located in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

By the looks of Instagram, Kate and Rob’s neighbours are fans of their home and took to IG to share that they’re going to appear on the BBC show.

Stating that the episode is a “must watch”, their friend wrote: “I’m so excited! Tonight I’ll be watching my fabulous neighbours/friends on @granddesignstv 9pm with them in their beautiful home with their friends and family We will all be having a few to celebrate the enormous contrast from their old house to this one……. It’s a must watch! And I make a little appearance on my paddle board with Kate too”.



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