Great British Menu 2019 banquet rundown: Which dishes made it to the final?
Episode: The Banquet

Great British Menu 2019 banquet rundown: Which dishes made it to the final?

The Great British Menu 2019 banquet came around pretty quickly, we thought it best to reflect on the dishes which made it to the final episode.

The last episode of series 14 aired Friday, May 17th and saw four chefs take their chosen dishes to a grand banquet at Abbey Road Studios.

So who took what to the 2019 banquet?

Read on to find out everything about this year’s final chefs!

Episode: The Banquet


Taking his starter through to the banquet is the star of the Great British Menu 2019, Luke Selby.

Scoring consistently highly with his dishes, it was no surprise the London chef sailed straight through to the banquet!

His starter, titled ‘The British Invasion’, was inspired by the wave of British musicians – namely The Beatles – who struck gold in America.

The dish itself is based on lyrics from The Beatles’ song ‘Til There Was You’, using ingredients such as meadowsweet.

Fish course

The surprise star of the fish course heat was Tom Anglesea.

After he was ranked last in the starter heat, Tom certainly had a lot to prove and did so with his deeply personal dish for the fish course.

His ‘Lost Souls in a Fish Bowl’ dish took inspiration from Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ but also Tom’s friend who had passed away. It explores ideas of fragility and loss and we’re certain this dish is going to move the banquet diners at Abbey Road.

Main course

Adam Reid took inspiration from fellow Mancunians Oasis for his music-inspired main course.

The dish was entitled ‘Comfort Food Sounds Good’.

While Oasis’ ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’ plays and the diners delve into the garlic and herb roast chicken, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more comforting, familiar and delicious setup!

Great British Menu, S14 E27.


This chef beelined through to the banquet with her delicious dessert – Scotland’s Lorna McNee!

With her tropical pudding based on Wham!’s ‘Club Tropicana’, she scored straight tens across the judging board.

After narrowly missing out on making it to the banquet last year and being the only female chef in the final eight, we’re sure Lorna was ecstatic to have made it to the Great British Menu 2019 banquet and then topped it off by bagging the top spot of the whole competition!

Lorna’s fans were definitely pleased too, as many took to share their delight on Twitter.

Great British Menu, S14 E28.




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