Great British Menu is approaching the end of its 2020 season after one of the toughest, most creative and imaginative series we’ve seen to date.

With a brief celebrating children’s literature, we’ve watched the best chefs in the country tap into some serious nostalgia, with dishes inspired by the likes of Harry Potter, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG and Alice in Wonderland.

Out of the 32 chefs, just 8 have made it to the finals round – one chef representing each region of the UK. But which chefs will make it to the banquet?

Find out about the Great British Menu 2020 banquet here, from confirmed date and location to the competing chefs.

Great British Menu – Episode: The Banquet (No. The Banquet) – Picture Shows: Susan Calman, Oliver Peyton, Tumnus, Andi Oliver, Matthew Fort – (C) Optomen Television Ltd – Photographer: Ashleigh Brown

Great British Menu 2020: Confirmed banquet date

  • Friday, May 15th

Although the banquet was prerecorded at an earlier date – potentially in March or April 2020 – it will be broadcast on BBC Two on Friday, May 15th at 8 pm.

Some of the guest judges we have met throughout this season will return for the banquet from Jacqueline Wilson and Cressida Cowell to Anthony Horowitz and Charlie Higson.

This is the last episode in the series and will be available to watch on the BBC iPlayer after it has broadcast.

Meet the Great British Menu banquet chefs

Cooking the starter for the 2020 banquet is Belfast-born Alex Greene. He wowed with his ‘The potato, the onion, the cheese and the wardrobe’ dish inspired by C.S. Lewis’s classic series. Alex narrowly beat out Niall Keating with just a point’s advantage, but that did not deter Niall.


Niall made it to the banquet with his fish course, a striking pasta dish inspired by Philip Pullman’s witches in The Northern Lights series.

Although Tom Barnes came last in the fish round, he came back fighting with his main course, inspired by Beatrix Potter’s classic characters Peter Rabbit and Mr. McGregor.

The dessert, amuse-bouche and pre-dessert have yet to be decided.

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Where is the Great British Menu 2020 banquet?

  • Exeter College, Oxford

The banquet will be held in one of The University of Oxford’s stunning colleges. It is hardly a surprise that the GBM team selected Oxford as the location for the banquet, as the city and world-leading university have both inspired some classics of children’s literature.

Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights series is based in Oxford at the fictional Jordan College. C.S. Lewis and Lewis Carroll were both students at Oxford. Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland at Christ Church, inspired by the Dean of Christ Church’s daughter Alice Liddell.

J.R.R. Tolkein, the author of The Lord of the Rings, even studied at Exeter College, which explains the location’s specific link to the brief.

Screenshot: Great British Menu S15 E27 – iPlayer




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