In the first of the University Challenge 2019/20 semi-finals, Corpus Christi, Cambridge beat out the Durham team and sailed through to the final.

Corpus Christi have consistently been one of the top teams in this year’s competition, largely thanks to Ian Wang, the team’s captain. But now, University Challenge fans have a new ‘man of the match’, as Alex Gunasekera wowed with his semi-final performance.

So, as Corpus Christi now heads for the final with Gunasekera and Wang in tow, we thought it best to find out more about one of this year’s star players. Get to know Alex Gunasekera here!

Screenshot: University Challenge 2019/20 E35 – iPlayer

Who is Alex Gunasekera?

Alexander Gunasekera is originally from Witney, Oxfordshire.

When filming for this current series of University Challenge, Alex was studying for a degree in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge. He graduated in summer 2019.

Alex is now studying for a DPhil in Chemistry at Balliol College, Oxford.

He’s also a keen musician and plays the violin. Alex played first violin for the Cambridge University Musical Society’s Symphony Orchestra. He continues to play at Oxford.

Gunasekera on University Challenge

In the previous rounds leading up to the semi-finals, Corpus Christi beat out three Oxford colleges: Merton, Magdalen, and Wolfson. They have also beaten out their fellow semi-finalists Trinity College, Cambridge.

Although Ian Wang has been the star of the show for previous episodes, the semi-finals proved that Alex Gunasekera has been the secret star of the team.

In the first semi-final (April 6th), Alex scored the team three ‘starter for 10’ questions and plenty of bonus points.

Corpus Christi won the match with 185 points to Durham’s 130.

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When is the University Challenge final?

The second and concluding semi-final airs next Monday (April 13th) in its regular slot. This will determine who will be facing Corpus Christi, Cambridge in the grand 2020 finale.

So, that means we are expecting this year’s final to be aired on Monday, April 20th.

This is when Gunasekera, Wang and co will return to our screens one last time, to determine this year’s University Challenge champs.



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