The Hairy Bikers have returned to BBC with their new series, The Hairy Bikers Go Local, and they’re seen filming in some stunning locations.

The new series sees Dave Myers and Si King travel up and down the country on a mission to bring together the best local restaurants with the most innovative local suppliers.

We take a look into what towns and cities the duo visit, and when the show is thought to have been filmed.

Hairy Bikers Go Local locations

As per Birmingham Live, these are the locations for each of the Hairy Bikers Go Local episodes. Each episode will see the bikers visiting local restaurants and suppliers across the towns.

British celebrity TV chefs Simon King (L1 in black top) and David Myers (L2 in camouflage top), collectively known as "The Hairy Bikers", arrive at a Tin Hau Temple in Yuen Long as they film their new culinary series with local bike enthusiasts for BBC. 2
Photo by Nora Tam/South China Morning Post via Getty Images

The show was filmed before Dave Myers’ cancer diagnosis

No official filming date for the show has been revealed, however, Dave revealed to the BBC that the series, which was filmed before his diagnosis was “joyous.”

Dave was diagnosed with cancer last year which forced him to take a break from filming.

Giving an update on his condition to BBC Breakfast, Myers said he was “doing kinda all right.”

When does the Hairy Bikers Go Local air?

The Hairy Bikers Go Local started on January 3 and has been airing Tuesday-Friday at 8pm on BBC2.

There are 8 episodes in the series, with the final episode set to air on Friday 13 January.

All episodes will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer shortly after broadcast.


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