Katie Price and her son are set to appear on new documentary What Harvey Did Next, where we see him preparing to officially leave home and move into college accommodation for a yearly cost of £350,000.

Harvey Price has appeared on TV alongside his reality TV show mother Katie for years, but this BBC One show will detail the first time the 19-year-old has gone to college, after living in his own home with cameras.

In order to learn to be more independent but still have healthcare professionals on hand to help with his specific needs, Katie’s son has taken the decision to fully immerse himself in college life.

So, where does Harvey go to college for a price of £350K a year? And how can you watch the documentary?

Katie Price: What Harvey Did Next | Trailer | BBC

Katie Price: What Harvey Did Next | Trailer | BBC

Where does Harvey Price go to college?

Harvey attends National Star College in Cheltenham. Katie Price reveals on the documentary that she’s going to miss him, adding that “it’s no different to when any other parent’s child goes to uni.”

The show documents the beginning of Harvey’s studies at the special education institution. During his time there, he is under constant care of the college staff while staying in a university-style room.

Katie’s son Harvey, who lives with Praer-Willi Syndrome, septo-optic dysplasia and autism, is now settled. During his first couple of days there, he became so frustrated that he smashed up the college shop, reports Mirror Online.

In a recent interview with OK! Magazine, Katie admitted she felt relieved that Harvey was smashing his belongings because it means that he feels comfortable and content in his new surroundings.

The staff help Harvey take his medication by filming him doing it for his mum back home. He is now described as a residential student at the National Star College, where he lives day-to-day.

The college costs £350K a year

The specialist college, which looks after people with physical disabilities, acquired brain injuries and associated learning difficulties, reportedly costs Katie Price £350K a year to accommodate Harvey.

National Star College provides a range of accommodation for students across Ullenwood, Cheltenham and Gloucester. Some of its 12 independence flats include en-suite rooms, overhead tracking and large areas for socialising and study. 

The Guardian reports that a place at a college like National Star can cost more than £60,000 a year, and up to £120,000 for students with very complex needs.

As per The Sun, a spokesperson for the National Star College said:

Harvey, aged 19, was born with Septo Optic Dysplasia, a rare disorder that affects brain function. He will be one of 168 students, aged 18 to 25, at the Ullenwood campus. Kate and Harvey first visited National Star as part of the BBC One documentary Katie Price: Harvey and Me.

Reports say that the hefty fees are eligible for government funding due to 19-year-old Harvey’s complex needs, but it is not known if Katie’s application for financial help has been approved.

When did Harvey start college?

Harvey officially enrolled at the Gloucestershire college in September 2021. The documentary was therefore filmed several months ago, while he was preparing to move there and stay in the accommodation.

This means he has been living there for six months so far, which comes after he was moved into a three-bedroom home close to his mum Katie to help prepare him for college life.

From the age of 18, Harvey became more independent and got used to living away from his family home. This meant he was ready to move to college a year later, when he officially became a student.

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