Has Andrew Marr had a stroke? Fans concerned about BBC host

Viewers of BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show are concerned over the host’s appearance, and wonder if he has had a stroke.

The show has remained popular since it started, as former BBC political editor quizzes key speakers and sets them up for debate.

It stands as a news show for many, with a review of the Sunday newspapers, weather forecast and bulletin in each episode.

So has Andrew Marr had a stroke? Here’s the answer to any concerns…

Screenshot: The Andrew Marr Show, 06/12/2020, BBC iPlayer

Why do viewers think Andrew had a stroke?

Some listeners of the BBC’s Start The Week podcast with Andrew Marr learned he had a stroke, as it was mentioned in the December 7 episode.

Over time, regular viewers of The Andrew Marr Show have noticed that it looks as though he doesn’t use one side of his body.

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The question was also raised after his interview with Nicola Sturgeon, which took place on November 29th.

This is when some viewers of The Andrew Marr Show noticed he was slurring at the start, and twitching his right shoulder.

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Viewers concerned about Andrew Marr

After a brief scroll on Twitter, it was clear that fans of the BBC political host have grown concerned about his health.

In response to the latest Start The Week podcast, one fan wrote: “I learned in this episode that Andrew Marr had had a stroke.

“He’s been one of my beloved voices in the ear for 12 years now. I did not know that at all.”

While a viewer of his BBC show said: “We are aware Andrew Marr has survived a stroke which is why we noted the slurring and twitching at the start of the interview.”

They added:

We thought it concerning. It seems though this is not unexpected in some stroke survivors and not a cause for concern.

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Has Andrew Marr had a stroke?

  • Yes

Andrew had a stroke in January 2013, and was in hospital for 2 months. In September of that year, he returned to host The Andrew Marr show.

He admitted that he tries to conceal the effect of his stroke during filming.

Andrew remains partially paralysed on his left side, and walks very slowly.



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