Has Eggheads really been cancelled? Jeremy Vine's comments explained

Eggheads has long stood as one of BBC’s most popular quiz shows. 

With a similar format to Channel 4’s The Chase, Eggheads sees teams of five quizzers challenge a team of five quiz and game show champions. The contestants go head-to-head with an ‘Egghead’ of their choice, hoping to eliminate them from competing in the following rounds. There is a rolling cash prize throughout the series.

Eggheads first aired in 2003 with newsreader Dermot Murnaghan as its chair. Then, Jeremy Vine took over as the show’s lead host in 2014.

But Eggheads fans have concerns for the show, after Jeremy Vine came out to announce they were ceasing production on the show. So, has Eggheads really been cancelled? Why? We’ve done some digging to find out what the production team has to say.

Screenshot: Eggheads – BBC

Fans desperate to know: ‘Why was Eggheads cancelled?’

A brand new series of Eggheads was airing earlier this year. It concluded in June 2020 and was followed by repeat episodes.

Now, Eggheads has disappeared from the TV schedule entirely, causing fans to believe it was cancelled. This fear was confirmed by Jeremy Vine, who shared a tweet about the cancellation of Eggheads on June 28th, 2020.


But most fans wanted to know why. Besides the obvious reasons that the global pandemic – and social distancing guidelines – had halted production, Vine’s comments made fans fear that the show had actually been pulled.

Jeremy Vine on Eggheads production

Eggheads fans were concerned after an interview with Jeremy Vine was published by the Telegraph. In this article, which was published on June 2nd, 2020, Vine explained that the BBC had “put Eggheads to sleep” to focus on show aimed at a younger audience.

The article stated that the BBC had ceased production on Eggheads as they wanted to focus on shows which were desirable for 16-24 year olds.

This article has been contested by Robert Dean, who is the producer of Eggheads. Responding to a fan who questioned whether they were making more episodes, Robert tweeted: “I hope it’s not the last ever Eggheads.”

This may mean that Eggheads has not 100% been cancelled. Neither the official Eggheads Twitter nor the BBC have made an official statement to say the show is cancelled.

On June 28th, Robert also stated on Twitter that the show was not cancelled.



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