This Christmas has seen plenty of cookery shows descend on our screens. From Mary Berry to Jamie Oliver, everyone is throwing in their ideas for a delicious Christmas.

However, with this Christmas the last of the decade, many are also taking the time to reflect on some of the most monumental moments of the century so far.

And so comes Heston Blumenthal, with his retrospective on his 2001 success with The Fat Duck. In a BBC documentary aired on Thursday, December 19th, celebrated chef Heston goes back in time to recreate the restaurant as it once was – decor, menu, the lot!

But one thing that confused viewers while watching Heston’s Marvellous Menu: Back to the Noughties, was that Heston had what appeared to be a broken arm. So, what happened to Heston’s arm?

Screenshot: Heston’s Marvellous Menu: Back to the Noughties – iPlayer

Heston Blumenthal’s broken arm

In the episode, Heston Blumenthal appeared in some scenes with no cast, others with a cast, and some just with a splint.

It lead to some confusion, which may be down to the way BBC edited the documentary.

As Heston had a fully fledged cast on his right arm at points, we believe that he actually broke him arm, rather than it just a simple sprain.

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Screenshot: Heston’s Marvellous Menu: Back to the Noughties – iPlayer

What happened to Heston’s arm?

Heston made no statements about his arm while on the show and continued cooking like it was no issue.

But Financial Times columnist, Tim Hayward, wrote up an article about Heston’s recreation of the 2001 The Fat Duck and revealed what happened.

He wrote:

He’s bought an electric mountain bike so he can get out into the Provençal hills to think… he’s fallen off and broken his arm three times…

So, probably not one of Heston’s best ideas to buy the bike!

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