Do you ever wonder what is the highest and the lowest score on Mastermind? We have the lowdown.

Mastermind is certainly one of the toughest quiz programmes on the telly where contestants take the famous black chair to answer a series of questions.

The show was first broadcast on BBC One in 1972 with presenter and former journalist Magnus Magnusson and aired for some time on Discovery Channel before it was picked up back by BBC Two.

The current series is hosted by John Humphrys and the show is on its eighteenth season in 2021.

But what was the highest score on the show? And what about the lowest? Let’s find out.

John Humphrys – (C) Hat Trick – Photographer: Kelvin Boyes

What is the highest score on Mastermind?

  • The highest score on the BBC series is 41 points.

Kevin Ashman achieved the incredible score in an episode in 1995 when he was quizzed on his specialist subject ‘The Life of Martin Luther King’.

No one has managed to beat Kevin’s score since 1995.

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Who is Kevin Ashman?

Kevin Ashman is considered one of the greatest quizzers in the world. He has been a professional quizzer since 2002.

He comes from Winchester and studied a BA in Modern History at the University of Southampton.

Following his triumph on Mastermind, he became the world’s number one quizzer and took part in several world and European championships. Kevin has also been on Eggheads since 2003.

An interesting fact about Kevin is that his first television success wasn’t on Mastermind.

He won series 3 of Fifteen to One, a quiz show on Channel 4, in 1989 and later returned to win the special ‘Millennium Edition’.

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What is the lowest score on Mastermind?

  • The lowest score on Mastermind is 5 points.

It was achieved by software analyst Kajen Thuraaisingham who got questioned on his specialist subject ‘The Life of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’.

Kajen managed to receive only four points from this round, while he got only one point in the general knowledge round.



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