Home Is Where the Art Is: Meet the artists from series 2

Home Is Where the Art Is has returned to BBC One for its second series on Monday, July 6th. 

The daytime series, which is fronted by DIY SOS star Nick Knowles, sees artists create pieces for people they have never met. They are given a set budget by those commissioning the artists and each artist, in turn, competes to have their work chosen.

Last season saw a total of 45 artists competing across the whole 15 episodes. As episode 1 of Home Is Where the Art Is series 2 (Monday, July 6th) saw three artists competing, it’s likely that there will be 45 new artists taking on the challenge.

So, with the start of series 2, we thought it best to find out which artists would be joining the show. Find out about the Home Is Where the Art Is artists here, plus more about their work.

We will continue adding to the list of artists as the episodes are released.

Screenshot: Home Is Where the Art Is S2 E1 – iPlayer

Home Is Where the Art Is: Artists

  • Ann Pollard
  • Michael John Crook
  • Cabby Luxford
  • Dawn Conn
  • Steven Ritchie
  • Vicki Griggs
  • Cathy Needham
  • Jason Heppenstall – HeppoArt
  • Paresh Nrshinga
  • Otis Griffith
  • Allister Malcolm
  • Anna Dora
  • Gill Bustamante

Get to know the cast of artists: Episode 1

South African-born Ann Pollard is an impressionist painter who primarily works with Acrylic or oil paints. Ann paints wild landscapes such as woodland scenery.


Ann was up against sculptor Michael John Crook. Michael’s intricate and challenging work twists wood in ways you’ve never seen before.

Cabby Luxford was the third and final artist in the episode. She is a ceramicist who is passionate about nature and wildlife. 

Michael John Crook was the winner of episode 1’s commission.

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Michael John Crook on his success

On his official Facebook page, Michael posted about his success on Home Is Where the Art Is. He wrote:

It means the world to me to know that people can see and share the same passion and emotion that I have for the piece I produce.

Jason Heppenstall

Jason was the winning artist in episode 5 (originally aired Friday, July 10th).

In this episode, Jason used his scrap metal skills to create a rocket sculpture for the client. She was born on the weekend of the moon landings and wanted to celebrate turning 50 with an artistic piece.

You can read more about Jason’s work on his website, plus find out about when he starred in Channel 4’s Four Rooms. Jason starred in the show with his scrap metal rendition of the Alien figure.




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