Antique lovers put their top haggling skills to the test in BBC’s Bargain Hunt, in a bid to later sell the priced possessions for a profit.

The popular daytime TV show has graced our screens for over 20 years. And better yet, viewers still can’t get enough of that excited buzz when they see teams of amateur collectors against the clock at an antiques fair, as they aim to get their hands on the best bargains possible.

Presenters Eric Knowles, Charlie Ross, Anita Manning, Christina Trevanion, and Natasha Raskin Sharp, are regularly seen showcasing their best antique-finding skills to help the contestants. But one question that many viewers raise is the height of antique expert Anita Manning. So we found out for you!

Anita Manning Bargain Hunt
Screenshot: Anita in Bargain Hunt S54, Ardingly 18 – iPlayer

Meet Anita from Bargain Hunt

Anita is a 70-year-old presenter, best known for her antique-finding skills on Bargain Hunt. She is also an antiques expert for BBC’s Flog It! and Antiques Road Trip shows. She was born in Glasgow and is claimed to have made history as the first female auctioneer in Scotland.

She first made her way into the antiques business in the 1970s after buying a bed from an Irish dealer. After Anita’s first visit to Glasgow as a buyer, she bought and sold furniture in England and Ireland for three years on wheels, driving around in a three-tonne truck.

In her personal life, Anita is a mother to Lala and Luke. She revealed how she finds life on the road to the BBC:

There is always something to suit everyone’s taste, purse and pocket and it is always lovely to have a good old chinwag with the dealers and collectors who share my passion for Antiques and Collectables.

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How tall is Anita?

  • 5 ft 7

Many viewers have become curious about Anita’s height, as she appears much shorter than many other Bargain Hunt presenters. This is especially as co-star Eric Knowles is 6 ft 10 and Charlie Moss is 6 ft 1, so Anita might appear smaller than some fans think!

However Bargain Hunt presenter Natasha Raskin Sharp is allegedly 5 ft 6, while Christina Trevanion is 5 ft 5, so Anita comes up taller than them.

Fans share their love for Anita Manning

Viewers are not just invested in Anita’s height but also her life. The popular antiques expert is so well-liked that fans have started social media pages dedicated to her.

A Facebook page devoted to Anita has over 3,900 followers, while an Instagram account called @anitamanning4evs has been launched, referring to her as the “Queen of Antiques”.

One fan tweeted: “I love Anita Manning on Bargain Hunt. One of the best ones today.”


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