How The Gambling family on Eat Well for Less? spend a yearly salary on food alone!
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How The Gambling family on Eat Well for Less? spend a yearly salary on food alone!

The pressures of everyday life normally mean that convenience food and expensive shopping habits often come into play.

But, BBC’s Eat Well For Less? aims to show families all over the UK that eating healthily doesn’t have to be expensive.

The Gambling family were dubbed Eat Well For Less’ biggest ever spenders on June 12th 2019!

Here’s what went down in episode 2…

Screen Shot: Eat Well For Less? S6 E2 – BBC

Eat Well for Less: The Gambling family

We met The Gambling family during episode 2 of Eat Well For Less?.

The family of four, consisting of mum Angella,  dad Douglas and young daughters Erica and Eden had a very different approach to a weekly shop than most.

They spent more money and bought their food from more places than viewers could even imagine.

How much do The Gambling family spend on food?

The Gambling family could have been one of the most memorable families to appear on Eat Well for Less? for one very shocking reason.

They had viewers gobsmacked when it was revealed that they racked up the biggest shopping bill Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin had ever seen.

The Gambling family shopped at the supermarket, butchers, greengrocer, fishmonger, online and subscribed to weekly ingredients boxes.

Their initial total meant that they spent £220 a week on food.

Bearing in mind the national average for a family of four is £95 per week, this was a shock in itself.

Then, their weekly spending on takeaways, eating out every Sunday for lunch and nipping to coffee shops on a daily basis shot their total through the roof.

With the additional £210 per week, the Gambling family were spending just under £430 per week on food.

That equates to over $22,000 a year!

To top it all off, the value of the food the Gambling family had in their kitchen already – before even heading out to the shop – was £1600.

Once the total was announced to Angella and Douglas Angella broke down in tears.

Screen Shot: Eat Well For Less? S6 E2 – BBC

Did The Gambling family eat well for less?

To kick start the Gambling families journey to saving money, some of their favourite big brands and luxury items were banned and the snack cupboard drastically reduced.

Gregg and Chris increased the amount of fruit and vegetables in the cupboards and changed up the children’s snacks.

Angella cooked her favourite Japanese takeaway dish on the show with Chris and Gregg, taking her usual spend of £10 to £1.40.

Douglas had the task of ditching the coffee shop and making it at home instead. He popped a frozen pain au chocolat in the oven and took a stroll around the block during his mid-morning break. Douglas’ ‘morning DIY coffee and pastry’ could save him £470 a year if he keeps it up.

The family said that they now find the time to cook and stopped the delivery box subscription.

By the end of the Eat Well For Less? episode the Gambling family saved a huge £230 week which totalled a £12,000 saving per year!



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