How to apply for Win the Wilderness: Fans wait on the BBC for news on series 2!

Since Win the Wilderness kicked off on Sunday, January 26th, many viewers have been keen to get involved with the competitive series. Particularly as the prize is one of the best TV has to offer.

This first season saw the winners get the keys and ownership rights to a stunning property in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness.

So, we’ve done some digging to find out how to apply for the series if they bring it back for a second time! This year’s winner Emily gave us all the info.

Screenshot: Win the Wilderness: Alaska S1 E6 – iPlayer

Win the Wilderness series 2

As of March 2020, a second season of Win the Wilderness is unconfirmed.

Given the success of the first series, it would make sense for the BBC Two show to be revived, however it would need a lot of changes to the format. Especially as Ose Mountain in Alaska has now been given to Emily and Mark.

If the BBC found a new property to compete for, they could bring back Win the Wilderness. Especially considering they’ve brought back one-off competitive series such as Race Across the World for 2020.

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How to apply for Win the Wilderness

The series 1 winner Emily keeps a blog about what her and her partner Mark are up to since winning. On the blog, she has also revealed how they ended up applying for the series.

In 2018, Emily revealed that she had seen a post on the British Farming Forum asking for people keen to experience living off-grid in the wilds of Alaska. This was how they originally roped in contestants. In her post from February 28th, 2020 she revealed that they had filmed the series in May 2019.

This means the process from application to the show’s end was around two years.

Given the success of the series, it is likely that the BBC would advertise applications on their Take Part page if they are to bring it back for another series.




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