New BBC series Earth From Space has been wowing viewers with its breathtaking visuals.

From intricate natural patterns to the incredible geometry of the cityscapes, what we can see from space has never been presented in such a detailed way before.

And now we can have these visuals in our own home, as the show has produced posters!

Here’s how to get your hands on the Earth From Space posters and other goodies…

Earth From Space
Earth From Space

Earth From Space – Posters

The show was produced in collaboration with Open University, and they have created a free educational poster about the show.

Not only does the poster detail all of the magnificent colours and patterns that can be seen from space, but explains the process of making the show.

Check out the design below!

Screenshot: Open University’s Earth From Space posters.

How to order

If you want to get your hands on one of these posters, then fear not, as it’s really simple!

Just head over to the Open University’s page, here, and fill out the form.

The poster is completely free, but you will need to submit your details as a requirement.

But you can choose whether you want a physical copy of the poster mailed to you or whether you want to print your own at home.

Do they have other posters?


The Open University has helped produce numerous hit BBC shows, for example, Blue Planet II and Blue Planet Live!

Check out all the posters you can still get from these other shows, here.

Screenshot: Open University’s Blue Planet II posters.


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