So far in the sixth series of Eat Well For Less? we have seen some delicious and quick meals. From the egg in a mug hack to the chicken tacos, they have introduced some game changers into our meal prep.

But in episode 3 (Wednesday, June 26th) they introduced us to the quickest cheapest and easiest snack yet.

So how do you make the energy bites from Eat Well For Less?

Read on to find out how to make all three varieties of the protein-filled snack.

Ingredients for the energy bites

How to make the base for the energy bites

These energy bites all use the same base to form the balls. Here is the quick and easy recipe for the base…

Step 1: Blitz together dates, ground almonds, cinnamon and just a dash of water in a food processor until they have a sticky consistency.

Step 2: Add jumbo porridge oats to the mixture and blitz again.

Step 3: Customise the mixture with the flavour of your choice.

Energy bites base mixture

Banana and vanilla

For this filling, you need to add banana chips and vanilla essence.

After adding these to the base, roll the mixture into twelve energy balls.

Then roll the energy bites in freeze-dried raspberries for the final touch!

Carrot and ginger

For this one, you’ll need to grate both one carrot and a knob of ginger.

Add to the mix and roll out again.

For the coating for the carrot and ginger energy balls, coat them in desiccated coconut.

Eat Well For Less? S6 E3 – carrot and ginger energy bites

Orange and cranberry

The orange and cranberry bites were Greg Wallace’s favourite!

Zest half the orange and then add the juice to the mix. Add the dried cranberries and that’s the mix done.

The final touch is coating the energy balls in crushed up pistachio nuts.

Eat Well For Less? S6 E3 – energy balls


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