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White Gold seasons 2 - Photographer: Nicola Dove

How to White Gold season 2 online - Is it on Netflix? Is season 1 on the BBC iPlayer?

White Gold season 2 is returning to the BBC from Wednesday, March 6th.

As always, business is booming for Vincent Swan and the Cachet boys, although that won’t get in the way of their brutal team banter and big night’s out.

Here’s a handy episode guide to White Gold season 2 and how you can watch it online.

Programme Name: White Gold – Photographer: Nicola Dove

White Gold season 2: Start date

White Gold series 2 launches on Wednesday, March 6th.

It will air on BBC Two at 10 pm.

The first episode will welcome back the slimy 1980s double-glazing salesmen, depicting how Vincent Swan has moved up in the world – new car, new house, etc – yet still isn’t happy.

Of course, when a new rival salesperson suddenly appears and starts to outsell the lot of them… well, sh*t really hits the fan.

P-Valley | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

White Gold season 2: Episode guide

There are six scheduled episodes in the second season of White Gold.

It will continue airing in the same timeslot until April 10th.

White Gold seasons 2 – Photographer: Nicola Dove

How to watch White Gold season 2 online – iPlayer

The easiest way to watch White Gold season 2 online is via the official BBC media player, iPlayer.

Each episode will be uploaded to iPlayer shortly after airing on Wednesday night.

Unfortunately, season 1 of White Gold is not currently available on the app.

How to watch White Gold season 2 online – Netflix

Through the combination of Netflix and iPlayer, you can watch both seasons of White Gold.

Season 2 will not be on Netflix until at least two months after it finishes airing on the BBC (think July).

However, Netflix does have all six episodes from season 1 to stream now.

Google Play and Amazon

You can pay-to-watch season 1 episodes via both Amazon Prime and Google Play.

Again, it will be some time before season 2 arrives on the streaming platforms.

White Gold seasons 2 – Photographer: Nicola Dove



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