The Repair Shop: Who is Ian Harding? Meet the BBC hat restorer!

The Repair Shop: Who is Ian Harding? Meet the BBC hat restorer!

If you’ve come looking for Ian Harding, the hat restorer featured on The Repair Shop, then you’ve come to the right place!

Not to be confused with the Pretty Little Liars actor, this Ian Harding is less Hollywood actor and more Cockney craftsman.

Based in South East London, Ian is one of the finest hat restorers around and is the perfect addition to The Repair Shop team for their brand new season. This sixth season sees The Repair Shop move from daytime delight to the primetime slot on BBC One every Wednesday, marking its ascent in the TV world.

So, who is Ian Harding? Let’s get to know the hatter better here.

The Repair Shop S4 E27.

Who is Ian Harding?

Ian Harding is the latest addition to The Repair Shop team, joining Jay Blades, Will Kirk and Suzie Fletcher in episode 1 (Wednesday, March 18th).

Ian is the studio director of hat company Patey Hats of London.

It’s no surprise that Ian was selected to join The Repair Shop team, as the hat restorer has preached the show’s ethos for quite some time. In an interview from 2016, Ian said:

Our whole principle is about retaining the integrity of the hat, so we’re as much about restoring the hat as well as making new ones.  If somebody has a hat, I would rather restore and repair it despite the fact that it takes three times as long.

Ian Harding’s hat restoration

Patey is the only manufacturers of bespoke riding hats in the UK. They craft riding hats, hunt caps, bowlers and top hats all by hand. Their history dates all the way back to the 17th century.

They are nestled away on an industrial estate near Peckham, South East London.

It is also highly likely that Patey is responsible for the majority of the bearskin hats worn by the Queen’s Guard. So, Ian has pretty impressive clientele!

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Does Ian Harding have Instagram?

Unconfirmed. We did some digging to see if the hat restorer had an Instagram profile but it did not look likely.

We found the Patey Hats of London on Instagram @pateyhats and they do not follow Ian, which they would be likely to do as he runs the business!

It looks as if Ian does not have Twitter either.




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