Incredible Journeys: Simon Reeve on vegetarianism and crying on TV - meet the BBC presenter!

We spoke to BBC presenter Simon Reeve to find out all the ins-and-outs of making his new show Incredible Journeys.

The well-travelled presenter has trodden deep into stories, set foot into different cultures across the globe, and bawled his eyes out on television.

Now, he is sharing some memorable travel moments with UK viewers, such as his reconnection with a ex-child labourer from Bangladesh 10 years on.

We spoke to Simon Reeve, 48, to find out his views on vegetarianism, if he would ever bring his son Jake on his travels, and what it’s like to cry on TV…

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Meet Simon Reeve

Simon Reeve is a 48-year-old author and travel presenter. He is married to camerawoman and campaigner Anya, who he lives with in Devon.

The pair met at a party, before getting married and deciding to relocate from the busy city of London to peaceful Dartmoor several years ago.

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He has travelled to over 120 countries for the BBC, including The Americas, Caribbean, Russia, Sacred Rivers, and Indian Ocean, to name just a few. Simon is the winner of a One World Broadcasting Trust Award from Royal Geographical Awards, amongst many other highly-established trophies.

His latest book Step by Step walks us through his life, from leaving school without qualifications to changing his life. Now, Simon leads viewers through his new BBC series Incredible Journeys, which airs every Sunday.

Simon told us what it was like to film the new series, which took place in August 2020. He said:

I’m really pleased with the programmes, they are a bit different I would hope. Some of my experiences on the road don’t fit with the traditional idea of going abroad. There’s a focus on the people I meet, it’s more about villagers, the environment and the planet.

Does Simon Reeve have children?

  • Yes

As Simon usually appears to travel alone on his documentaries, it’s left viewers wondering if he has a family. The presenter is a father to Jake, 9, who he jokingly claimed doesn’t wish to hear his travel stories over dinner!

He lives with his wife Anya, son Jake, and their two dogs, and they have been going on picturesque walks as a family during lockdown.

Simon said he would like to take Jake on his travels. He said:

I usually do the shows with my other family, my TV team. My wife has travelled on the programmes in the past. It might be impossible to bring Jake along in some cases, but what is special is being able to take someone you love to see a view or hear a story. There is a tiny sadness that my son isn’t there to experience it as well.

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Simon talks vegetarianism and crying on TV

One of the most asked questions about Simon is whether he is a vegetarian or not, as he is known for bringing viewer’s attention to the planet.

When asked about if he follows a vegetarian diet, Simon said: “I should be because I know the consequences of our meat-eating, but I’m not.”

Simon continued:

I’m ashamed to say I still have too much of a taste for meat. I also know that the food the veggies rely and depend on often hasn’t been produced with as much care and concern for the planet. I’m happy to switch, and we are having more veggie days which is completely the right thing.

We also spoke to Simon about what it was like to get back in contact with a young child labourer who he met in Bangladesh 10 years ago, which features on episode 1 of the show.

He said: “It was very emotional. I was really bawled over when I heard they managed to get in touch with him, and to actually see him on the screen. He’s been in my head and heart since I met him. I couldn’t stop crying.

We can’t wait to see what Simon has in store for us on Incredible Journeys!



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