Over the years, Gregg Wallace has become one of Britain’s most beloved TV personalities thanks to his appearance as a judge on Masterchef and his mission to help families Eat Well For Less?

If there’s one thing Gregg is known for, it’s his ability to be enthusiastic about anything. The most serious we’ve ever seen Gregg is when he’s been disappointed with a pudding on Masterchef!

As the lead presenter of Inside the Factory, Gregg manages to turn his enthusiasm into an unstoppable force. The fifth series of the BBC show kicked off on Tuesday, July 30th and already we’ve seen Gregg get excited over everything from croissants and Bakewells to wax leather jackets.

But episode 4 (Tuesday, August 20th) saw Gregg discuss a standard household item with such glee that we couldn’t help but chuckle alongside him.

Here are our favourite moments when Gregg got ridiculously excited about mattresses and how they are made on Inside the Factory!

Screenshot: Inside the Factory S5 E4 – iPlayer

A mattress goes a mile

We all knew we were in for some of Gregg Wallace’s most ridiculous reactions when the episode started. His reaction to the quantities and supplies in the factory signalled where we were heading with Gregg’s enthusiasm.

Each time one of the Harrison Spinks factory workers would tell him about how much wire they use for a single mattress, Gregg would repeat what they said over and over almost in disbelief.

We get it Gregg, a mile of wire per mattress is a lot!

Ultrasonic the Hedgehog

If you thought Gregg wasn’t going to be amazed by the methods of mattress making… think again.

When he heard that the mattress polypropylene fabrics was ultrasonicaly welded together, Gregg took a step back and cried out “It’s done what?!”

And if his reaction wasn’t funny enough, Gregg then went on to pull out one of his classic ‘dad’ jokes by declaring the machine “Ultrasonic the Hedgehog” leaving us all shaking our heads.

It’s amazing how this man can keep up the energy…

Screenshot: Inside the Factory S5 E4 – iPlayer

The mattress slide

If Gregg couldn’t get more excited by the machinery, the Leeds-based Harrison Spinks factory then had to go and have a playground-type set-up to make him all excitable.

The factory has a metal slide where they drop the mattresses from one department to the next.

Gregg’s eyes lit up when he saw the giant metal slide and his temptation to go mattress surfing was palpable. His factory tour guide was having none of it though. With a cheeky grin on his face, Gregg asks “have you ever been down there?” to a curt response of “absolutely not.”

It didn’t stop Gregg from cheering like he was at a football match when he slid the mattress down the metal slide! Oh, the joy of mattresses.

The bed of nails

Poor Matt had to show Gregg around his everyday workplace and keep up with the same levels of enthusiasm. But by the time they reached the bed of nails which helps transform the wool fibres into mattress toppers, Matt had reached the end of his tether.

Gregg could not get over the bed of nails which he called “a torture instrument” and how it was used on soft fabrics.

Matt, who understandably sees this process every day, was less enthused by the torture device. We’re with you, Matt!

Safe to say we didn’t see Matt after this scene, we think he’d had enough.

Screenshot: Inside the Factory S5 E4 – iPlayer



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