Interior Design Masters season 2: Fans demand changes for next series!

The first season of Interior Design Masters landed on the BBC way back in August 2019 with the finale airing on Wednesday, October 2nd.

The competitive design series was a smash-hit with audiences. Now it has gained a new fanbase after it broadcast on Netflix later in October.

It sees interior designers go head-to-head, showing off their best designs for a variety of briefs, from hotels to homes.

So, will there be an Interior Design Master season 2? Here’s everything you need to know about the second season so far and what fans are hoping will change…

Interior Design Masters – Picture Shows: Abigail Ahren, Michelle Ogundehin (L-R) – (C) DSP – Photographer: Megan Street

How does Interior Design Masters work?

Each week, Fearne Cotton and judge Michelle Ogundehin set the contestants design briefs.

There are ten up-and-coming designers at the start, but only one winner can be crowned and win the lucrative prize!

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The Interior Design Masters prize is a contract with one of the top hotels in London, England. This prize could change the life of the winner and see them rocketed to design fame.

It is unlikely that the format would change if there was a second series of Interior Design Masters.

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Will there be a season 2?


As of yet, BBC have not announced whether they will bring back the competitive design series for a second season.

However, given the success of season 1 on both BBC and Netflix, it would be surprising if they decided to cancel it. Moreover, Netflix could even acquire the production rights to the show and bring it straight to the streaming service!

As soon as more details on a second series of the show are revealed, we’ll update you with the start date and more here!

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Fans demand changes to be made

Although many took to Twitter to express hope for the series’ renewal, many demanded that some changes be made if it’s brought back.

This includes changing the judges and reducing the team challenges. Many thought Frank should’ve been kicked out of the competition weeks before he was and blamed the judges for that misstep.

One viewer Tweeted: “This judge on #interiordesignmasters is shocking if there’s another series she needs to be replaced by someone with taste.” Another added that making the aforementioned changes would “reduce the likelihood of ending up with the worst 2 designers of the group.”

Harsh feedback!

Catch up with Interior Design Masters

If you can’t wait for more Interior Design Masters content, then you can still catch up with episodes from season 1!

The entire series is currently available on both BBC iPlayer and Netflix, for those who are looking to rewatch.

It is only available on these sites so far and considering it is on Netflix it looks unlikely that the series will end up on Amazon Prime.




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