Cue the dramatic music and panoramic shots of the City of London, The Apprentice is back!

The show is now in its 14th series! The BBC One show never fails to entertain and this year is no exception!

So, is The Apprentice on tonight? And where can you watch it?

The Apprentice – BBC1, series 14 episode 1.

Is The Apprentice on Tonight?

Yes, The Apprentice is on this evening (Wednesday, November 14th).

Episode 7 of series 14 will kick-start tonight at 9 pm.

What is the Task in Episode 7?

Episode 7 is all about gardening. How exciting!

The candidates are challenged to set up their own urban gardening business, mixing together commercial and domestic jobs.

While many of The Apprentice candidates are brainboxes in the boardroom, that doesn’t mean their practical skills are all equally as sharp.

And this becomes evident when one team prove incapable of attaching a hose to a tap.

The Apprentice – BBC1, series 14 episode 1.

What Channel is The Apprentice on?

As always, Lord Alan Sugar’s show will air on BBC One.

The first ever series aired in 2005 – that’s 13 years of firing and hiring!

According to The BBC, as of August 2018, the previous winners of The Apprentice in partnership with Lord Sugar now employ over 150 staff between them!

Who is on The Apprentice This Year? Who is the Favourite?

This year, Lord Alan Sugar will be accompanied by Karren Brady, AKA Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge CBE, and Claude Littner, a successful entrepreneur and businessman with almost 50 years’ experience!

As well as these budding entrepreneurs, of course.

  • Sian Gabbidon 13/2
  • Camilla Ainsworth 10/1
  • Daniel Elahi 10/1
  • Tom Bunday 10/1
  • Kayode Damali 10/1
  • Jasmine Kundra 10/1

Jasmine Kundra – (C) Boundless Taylor Herring – Photographer: Jim Marks

  • Jackie Fast 14/1
  • Khadija Khalifa 14/1
  • Sabrina Stocker 14/1
  • Sarah Ann Magson 16/1
Alex Finn{%22image_type%22:null,%22page%22:null}

Alex Finn – (C) Boundless Taylor Herring – Photographer: Jim Marks

Eliminated Candidates

  • Rick Monk
  • Alex Finn
  • David Alden
  • Frank Brooks
  • Kurran Pooni
  • Sarah Byrne

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