British TV show The Apprentice has had viewers hooked on the process of who will win the £250.000 investment. However, the receptionist has stolen the spotlight, and now attention has been shifted towards her.

The Apprentice, which is now in its 16th series, has had viewers hooked every Thursday evening wondering what Lord Sugar’s next task will imply and if they will be able to complete it to avoid getting fired.

What The Apprentice is all about

To succeed in the entrepreneurial business world, several candidates compete against one another; until one is remaining and gets to win the £250,000 investment for their business.

Each week, the candidates will have to demonstrate their talents and business skills under the supervision of Lord Sugar’s advisors to receive a green light from Lord Sugar himself.

After the competition between the two teams end, one winner is announced and rewarded with a treat. On the other hand, the losing team gets sent to the boardroom by the receptionist. A tough discussion will lead to one of the candidates getting kicked out of the competition.

Is The Apprentice receptionist real or an actress?

Ashley Young replaced the previous receptionist, Samantha Moon, for the latest 2022 series. After her first appearance, fans were curious to learn about Lord Sugar’s recruit.

The brand-new secretary is a 26-years-old American actress from Florida that has got signed to interpret her first big acting role as the iconic receptionist at The Apprentice.

Not much has been shared on-screen about the actress, but after her identity got revealed, fans spotted that she has a bionic arm due to being born without the lower part of her right arm. However, that has not stopped the actress from doing her job, and why would it!

Twitter jokes about The Apprentice’s receptionist role

The receptionist, who is stationed outside the boardroom, is in charge of sending candidates in upon his request. On several tweets, the viewers of the British TV show have commented on her role in the series.

Even though she plays a crucial role, viewers made their opinions known on social media as The Apprentice was broadcasted, and joked about how they envy the role of Ashley’s on starring at the same screen for hours and having to say only a few lines.

While only showing just the back of her head, and stating “Lord Sugar will see you now”, is one of the show’s most famous and catchy announcements that have been heard throughout all the seasons.

This has raised envy within viewers who have talked about her having the easiest job in the program.

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