Is Will Kirk gay? The Repair Shop viewers have a massive crush on the BBC craftsman!

In today’s world, we are more likely to throw away old items and replace them with something new.

That’s where The Repair Shop comes which sees a bunch of talented craftspeople renovate and fix family heirlooms back to their original glory.

In every episode of the BBC series, Jay Blades and his repairs team fix the unfixable and restore sentimental objects.

However, it seems that viewers pay more attention to the actual restorers. Some viewers say they have a massive crush on expert Will Kirk and wonder whether he’s gay.

Screenshot: The Repair Shop S5 E13 – iPlayer

Meet Will Kirk

Will Kirk is an expert who specialises in carpentry and cabinet making.

The Repair Shop star studied Graphic Design at the University of the Arts before graduating with a BA in Antique Furniture Restoration and Conservation from London Metropolitan University.


According to Will’s website, he discovered his passion for carpentry thanks to his grandfather who used to work at his own workshop.

Will now runs his own studio in London with the help and expertise of his very own repairs team.

Is Will Kirk gay?

No, Will is not gay.

In fact, we believe that he is dating someone. Here at Reality Titbit we managed to find Will on Facebook and he has a picture with someone we believe he’s in a relationship.

Another Facebook user wrote: “Lovely couple xx,” under Will’s profile pic.

However, we haven’t been able to find who Will’s partner is as the two might want to keep their relationship out of the media spotlight. Plus, there’s no sign of his girlfriend on Instagram or Twitter.

The Repair Shop William Kirk – (C) Ricochet Ltd – Photographer: Jack Barnes

Why do viewers wonder if Will is gay?

The Repair Shop viewers wonder if Will is gay because they have a massive crush on him!

A quick look on Twitter shows a number of tweets where people say they have been mesmerised by Will’s charisma, smile and warm personality.

One viewer wrote: ” I have a massive crush on the gorgeous Will Kirk on The Repair Shop.” While someone else simply said: “Will Kirk from the Repair Shop.”




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