Growing Up Gifted returned to the BBC on Wednesday, March 25th for its third and final instalment.

The documentary series has been charting the journeys of six teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds throughout pivotal moments in their academic careers, looking at social mobility in modern day Britain.

Jamarley has been one of the six featured on the series, and we have followed his journey since the age of 13.

So who is Jamarley? Find out about the star student and aspiring musician, and follow his journey throughout Growing Up Gifted here.

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Meet Jamarley

Jamarley, 16, is from Harlesden, North West London where he lives with his mum Renee and his younger brother. Jamarley is a student at Whitefield School in Barnet. Renee works as a security guard.

Throughout his time on Growing Up Gifted, they have explored the impact that the deportation of Jamarley’s father, Winston, has had on him. Jamarley’s dad was deported to Jamaica.

When we met Jamarley in his first year on the show aged 13, he was all about music and that hasn’t faded. Back in the 2018 series, Jamarley said: “The thing I love about music most is that I could literally hop on a piano or a drum or a guitar and play something which will basically express how I feel.”

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Growing Up Gifted: Year 2

In this series, the everyday struggle of Jamarley’s school life was explored, as tensions mounted between his and a local school.

Jamarley explained how knife crime was an increasing problem, and something he, himself, was afraid of.

Jamarley said in the Year 2 series (2019): “I’m so motivated so that I can move out of Harlesden, move my mum up, let my brother live a different life to what I live.”


This instalment also saw Jamarley come to blows with his mum over his musical aspirations. Jamarley was of the mindset that music would offer him a better life, but Renee saw it differently. Renee had pursued creative and performing arts, but hadn’t been successful and did not want the same for Jamarley.

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Jamarley on Growing Up Gifted: Year 3

Things appear to be going well for Jamarley in this third chapter of Growing Up Gifted.

He opens his segment stating: “Mentally I feel like I’ve grown up a lot more.”

Jamarley said: “Right now, my dream is to become a professional music producer. From a young age, I’ve been identified as gifted in my music. When I finally leave education, I want to be successful within the music industry, to help me build something for myself.”




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