Meet James Broad from The Bidding Room - the youngest expert on the BBC series!

Airing weekly at 3.45 pm on BBC One, The Bidding Room has become a new favourite daytime series for some viewers.

The programme sees a line-up of expert dealers who try to outbid each other for extraordinary items and heirlooms brought by the public.

While most of the experts have long years of experience, the series features one of the youngest antiques dealers on the telly – James Broad.

So, let’s meet James on Instagram and get to know him better, including age and career!

Natasha, James and Adrian, The Bidding Room

Meet James Broad from The Bidding Room

James is 24 years old and is the youngest expert on the BBC One series. He comes from Cheshire.

He discovered his passion for antiques at the early age of 12 thanks to his parents who took him to local fairs, auctions and charity shops. There, he would find precious bits and pieces which he would then sell to other local dealers.

James worked at a local auction house where he gained knowledge about antiques and learned more about the business. And at the age of 22, he took the leap and started his own company.

James Broad: Antiques

James runs his own antiques shop called James Broad Interiors. As the name of the company suggests, James sells a range of interior pieces such as chairs, tables, lighting and unique decorative pieces.

“Every product on my website is something that I’ve fallen in love with on my travels and therefore have just had to have,” James says on his website.

You can find more about the Bidding Room’s star business on James Broad Interiors.

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Follow James on Instagram

James’s appearance on The Bidding Room has already gained him a stable follower count and likes.


He has more than 3,700 followers at the time of publication – a number that is set to rise now that he enjoys more media spotlight.

Follow James under the name @jamesbroadinteriors.




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