Meet James Gooch: The Bidding Room star's antiques were used in Game of Thrones!

The Bidding Room is BBC’s latest addition to their daytime TV roster.

The show, which airs weekdays at 3.45 pm, follows a team of talented dealers and antique experts as they flog the public’s items.

One of the stars of the show is James Gooch, an antiques dealer who runs his own shop. Out of all of the dealers on the show, James definitely has the most impressive clientele and collection – major TV shows use his stuff!

Find out more about James and how he got into the world of antiques here.

Screenshot: James Gooch in The Bidding Room S1 E2 – iPlayer

Who is James Gooch from The Bidding Room?

James, 37, originally worked in TV, but gave it up to pursue a love of antiques. James was working at LoveFilm which is now Amazon Prime. After quitting, he first worked in antique shops and then worked his way up to open his own store.

Now, James is based in Bedfordshire where he lives with his family. He runs a vintage shop called Doe & Hope. You can follow him on Instagram @doeandhope.


Doe & Hope has been a major success for James; they have a successful online store and gallery house. His antique treasures are also often used as props in many large film and TV shows such as Game of Thrones. Now, that’s impressive clientele.

James Gooch’s career in antiques

James has a particular love of Victorian and early 20th century items, but anything unique will catch his eye. He explained to the BBC that one of his favourite buys was a white marble angel that had come from an old graveyard.

James is not a fan of restored pieces, as he believes restoration wipes the history from an object.

Meet James Gooch’s wife and family

The Gooch family live in a Grade II listed property in Bedfordshire. James’s love for antiques has made their home almost like a museum itself, which isn’t hard to do considering the home is from the 1660s. They bought the property in 2011.

James Gooch is married to a videographer called Jade. The couple have two children.

Jade and James met whilst working on Celebrity Big Brother. It is unconfirmed when they met, but they were definitely together in 2009, when they moved to Saffron Walden.



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