Meet Jane Corbin: Terror in Paradise presenter has been a Panorama journalist for over thirty years!
Terror in Paradise - Picture Shows: Jane Corbin - (C) BBC - Photographer: Nik Millard

Meet Jane Corbin: Terror in Paradise presenter has been a Panorama journalist for over thirty years!

A brand new BBC documentary will air tonight (Monday, April 6th), marking one year since the Easter terror attacks in Sri Lanka. It will air on BBC Two at 9 pm.

Last Easter, eight men triggered bombs in churches and tourist hotels across the country, killing more than 270 people in one of the worst Islamist terror attacks since 9/11.

The documentary will see seasoned filmmaker and journalist, Jane Corbin, interview survivors and those who came up close to the terrorists. It will piece together the motives and methods behind one of Sri Lanka’s deadliest modern events.

But who is Jane Corbin, the reporter featured in the documentary?

Panorama: Coronavirus: A Week That Changed Britain – Picture Shows: Jane Corbin – (C) BBC – Photographer: BBC

Who is Jane Corbin?

Jane Corbin is a 65-year-old journalist and filmmaker, who has primarily worked with the BBC for over thirty years.

Jane was born on July 16th, 1954.

After graduating from King’s College London with a degree in English in 1975, Jane shortly joined the intake of budding journalists at Channel 4 News just before it launched in 1982. Jane quickly became one of their best foreign correspondents, and covered many major national and international events.

Jane Corbin joined BBC’s Panorama team in 1988 and has since made hundreds of documentaries.

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Does Jane Corbin have a husband?

Unfortunately, Jane’s husband passed away.

Jane was married to Conservative MP and peer John Maples, who sadly died in 2012 at the age of 69.

The couple have two children together. Jane has not since remarried.

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Jane Corbin on Terror in Paradise

Throughout her 30+ years of reporting, Jane’s work has focussed specifically on the Middle East and Central Asia.

She has even been an expert witness on Iraq, Afghanistan and terrorism before UK Parliamentary Committees.

But given Jane’s knowledge of Islam, Islamic militancy and terrorism, it’s no surprise she was chosen as the lead presenter on a documentary such as Terror in Paradise.





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