Race Across the World: Jo's cancer story leaves viewers at home in tears

The 2020 series Race Across the World has come to an end, but the contestants from series 2 came together to film a reunion episode.

In Sunday’s instalment (May 3rd), all five pairs reunited to talk about their incredible experiences on the BBC competition.

Reminiscing about their journeys, the contestants discussed the ups and downs, the challenges and victories, as well as the life-time experience they will cherish forever.

But the reunion special brought the devastating story of Jo Gardiner who revealed that her cancer has returned after she came back to the UK.

Jo and Sam on Race Across the World

Race Across the World: Who is Jo?

Jo Gardiner, 55, is a physiotherapist from Manchester. She appeared on Race Across the World with her son Sam.

Jo has been working in her field for over 25 years now, caring for patients at the Stepping Hill Hospital and the local community in Stockport.

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She went backpacking when she was in her twenties and one of her main motivations to join the BBC competition was to share a travel experience with her son and explore the world together.

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Jo and Sam Gardiner Race Across the World. Launch day in Chapultepec Park in Mexico City

Jo talks cancer on Race Across the World

In Sunday’s episode (May 3rd), Jo revealed that her cancer has returned and she has gone back to chemotherapy.

She explained that her health problem was one of the main motivations to go on a backpacking journey with her son and share special memories with him while she could.

Speaking on the reunion special, Jo said: “Some of you know, I’ve got lymphoma, and I had chemo about four years ago and I knew it would come back, but I didn’t know when.

“Then when I was on the trip, I kind of thought hmmm… I think that there are some signs, and it has come back. So I’m actually now in chemotherapy.”

Jo and Sam on Race Across the World

Viewers react to Jo’s devastating story

Viewers at home were gutted to learn that Jo’s cancer has returned.

Many have been left in tears after hearing her emotional story that she has to battle the illness again.





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