Strictly Come Dancing is back on our screens (finally!) and we are over the moon to be immersed in the glamour and glitz of our favourite celebrities learning how to dance.

The couples started to be revealed a week ago on Instagram, with adorable videos of their live reactions when they found out who their partners in this year’s series will be.

One of our favourite moments was when actress Caroline Quentin found out she was paired up with South African dancer Johannes Radebe.

She was delighted and proceeded to say “You’re the one I wanted” and stating she was “completely besides myself with joy”.

But how tall is Johannes Radebe? He looks much taller than his celebrity partner!

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Johannes Radebe: Height

When watching the cute Instagram video, it is hard not to notice the striking height difference between Caroline and her new dance partner.

So of course, we did a little investigation to find out how tall he is.

While there is no official source that states the South African dancer’s actual height, we used a math equation that helped us to find out the dancer’s estimated height.

How did we figure out how tall Johannes is from a photo?

After researching for a while, we found a mathematic equation that allows you to guess someone’s height from a picture/video if you know how tall another person in the same picture is. Who knew maths was actually useful?

So, it is a fact that Caroline Quentin is 5ft3; which in centimeters translates to 162 cm.

All we had to do is measure, also in cm, the height of Johannes and Caroline in the actual photo (Johannes was 12cm and Caroline 10cm).

We then multiplied Caroline’s actual height with Johannes’s photo height and divided it by Caroline’s photo height which left us with a result of 182 cm.

This is how we concluded that the Strictly professional dancer is 182 cm which is six feet tall.



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