Katherine Ryan jokes about plastic surgery on Who Do You Think You Are: What has she had done?

Who Do You Think You Are has revealed some quite bizarre family truths over the fifteen years it has been on our screens. From Cockney legend Danny Dyer being of royal lineage to Jeremy Clarkson’s relatives inventing the jam jar, we have learned some surprising facts.

Series 16 of the hit BBC series focusses on a whole new bunch of actors, comedians and television personalities’ family backgrounds. And episode 4 (Monday, August 20th) took viewers through Canadian comedian Katherine Ryan’s heritage.

But one thing that became apparent throughout – which Katherine herself noted – was that she looked rather different to the rest of her family. And she definitely wasn’t afraid to crack jokes about it!

So what plastic surgery has Katherine Ryan had and what did she have to say about it on Who Do You Think You Are?

Screenshot: Who Do You Think You Are S16 E5 – iPlayer

Katherine Ryan on Who Do You Think You Are

Stand-up comedian Katherine Ryan decided to embark on her Who Do You Think You Are journey to feel closer and more connected to her 9-year-old daughter Violet.

Violet was born and raised in England, so the accents of the two become a joke between them. Violet does not approve of her mother’s Canadian accent and ‘Canadianness’.

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And so Katherine wants to find her own English heritage taking her on a journey back to Canada, through Nova Scotia and finally ending up in Corfe Castle, Dorset. And not only does she find the English connection she was looking for, but some rather remarkable facts out about her Canadian ancestry.

Katherine can’t find the family resemblance

When Katherine Ryan first goes back to Toronto, Canada to visit her mother, the physical differences are quite apparent between the two.

But it is when Katherine starts looking at images of her more distant family members that she starts to joke about how the family resemblance starts to fade. And not just because she’s looking at relatives from the 19th century!

Looking at a portrait of her great great great grandfather, James Arminius Richey, PJ the expert asks if she sees any family resemblance between them. Katherine hilariously references her plastic surgery and says she can’t find remember what she looks like “naturally” at all.

Screenshot: Who Do You Think You Are S16 E5 – iPlayer

Screenshot: Who Do You Think You Are S16 E5 – iPlayer

What plastic surgery has Katherine Ryan had?

Katherine Ryan has been upfront about the cosmetic surgery she has had over the years, starting with a boob job she had in her early 20s.

In her sell-out comic tour Glitter Room, her plastic surgery is one of her key talking points.

She says in Glitter Room:

I’ve had filler in my lips, jawline and chin. If everyone was transparent, there would be a lot less fuss. I’ve got great skin because of laser facials and painful ultrasound and needles in my face.




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