Glow Up: Where is Keziah Saunders now? Make-up star talks leaving season 2

Glow Up fans were delighted when the show finally returned for its second series on Thursday, May 14th.

It launched to BBC iPlayer on Thursday, May 14th with new episodes dropped per week.

Just three episodes in, the tensions were mounting and the competition stiff. This only intensified when one of the contestants decided she needed to leave.

So, why did Keziah leave Glow Up? Where is she now?

And be warned, if you haven’t yet seen season 2 episode 3, then there are spoilers ahead.

Screenshot: Glow Up S2 E3 – BBC iPlayer

Who is Keziah?

Keziah Joy Saunders is a 21-year-old student and make-up artist originally from Sheffield.

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Before entering the competition, Keziah already had the largest following on Instagram and had already found success as a make-up artist. When the series launched, Keziah had over 172,000 followers and she’s now approaching 178,000!

You can follow her on Instagram under the handle @artbeautychaos.

Keziah leaves Glow Up

In episode 3, the competitors had to impress in the theatre make-up brief. They were recreating looks from The Lion King on the West End. Ophelia impressed most in the challenge, winning the opportunity to do the make-up looks for four central characters in the stage show.

When it came to the judging at the end of the episode, Keziah took presenter Stacey Dooley aside to explain her difficulties in the competition.

Keziah explained that make-up is her passion and doing it in a competition format was “stifling” her creativity. But it was also taking a toll on her mental health, which she explained in the episode and in a following statement.

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What did Keziah say about leaving Glow Up?

Keziah took to Twitter to explain her reasons for leaving the show.

In a tweet posted on Thursday, May 28th, Keziah wrote:

My decision to leave the competition was an incredibly difficult one, and was made after a long discussion with the producers and on set psychologist where we decided it was ultimately the best course of action for me.

She continued:

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I’ve always been open about mental health and though I loved the whole experience, the truth is I really struggled throughout the filming process. I was full of self doubt and constantly second guessing myself. This was stopping me from creating my best work and while I’m incredibly disappointed in this I also know that trying to push myself any further would’ve only made this worse.

You can read Keziah’s full statement on Twitter below.

Where is Keziah now?

From the looks of Keziah’s Instagram, she is still working away as a talented make-up artist, primarily making looks for her Instagram account.

Keziah has even taken to recreating some of the looks from Glow Up that she wasn’t too happy with!

Keziah is still a student at university.




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