Cue the dramatic music and panoramic shots of the City of London, The Apprentice is back!

Series 14 started on Wednesday, October 3rd, at 9 pm on BBC One.

It’s almost time for Lord Alan Sugar to get firing. This year he’ll be accompanied by Karren Brady and Claude Littner while the show will be presented by Matt Edmonson.

One of the 16 hopeful candidates looking for that £250,000 investment is Khadija Kalifa.
Screen Shot: Khadija Kalifa – The Apprentice BBC1, series 14.

She Has an Outdated Motto

In her Apprentice interview, Khadija said that ‘YOLO – you only live once’ was her motto.

As that is a quote from a very outdated 2005 Drake song, however, Khadija gave us a more updated version of the phrase that she prefers.

The mum-of-two said:

Live your life how others can’t, to how others won’t, to have the life that others can’t.

Yeah, we had to read it more than once, too.

Khadija is the Fifth Youngest

Khadija Kalifa is 27 years old.

She lives in Peterborough and has two daughters.

Khadija is a ‘Mumpreneur’

It’s pretty much what it says on the tin.

Khadija explained: “It’s basically being a mum of two beautiful beasts and an entrepreneur.”

She Fancies Herself as a Queen B

If she had to choose, the cleaning business owner said she that would liken herself to Beyonce.

Khadija said of Beyonce: “She’s badass she’s go-getting, shes got children, she’s a mum.”

Khadija is All Eco-friendly

In November 2014 Khadija launched an eco-friendly domestic and commercial cleaning service.

‘Opal and Pearl’ serves Peterborough and the surrounding areas.

The company offers a five-star service and has a rating of 4.9/5 on Facebook.

Khadija seems hellbent on being a success, in her Apprentice interview she said:

My children need to go to private school and I need private healthcare.

But don’t be fooled, this Queen B wannabe is no snob, she ended her interview with the words “hashtag stay humble”.

How to WATCH The Apprentice online – get ready for the new series!


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