Lelian Chew: Five things you didn't know about the Million Dollar Wedding Planner!

Everyone loves a good wedding, there’s no denying that. From the romance to boozing and awkward dancing with distant family members, what’s not to love?

This may be the typical wedding set-up most of us know and love, but there’s a growing phenomenon of lavish and over-the-top weddings sweeping the nuptial scene.

On Thursday, October 10th, there is a one-off documentary coming to BBC Two which peeks behind the curtain of a wedding few can only imagine… weddings with no budgets and no expenses spared.

So, with the Million Dollar Wedding Planner hitting our screens tonight, we thought it best to get to know the woman at the heart of the documentary.

Here are five things you didn’t know about Lelian Chew!

Picture Shows: Lelian Chew – (C) BBC – Photographer: Sophie Donovan

Who is Lelian Chew?

Lelian is a 37-year-old from Singapore who continues to live and work there.

She runs The Wedding Atelier, which is one of Asia’s most elite wedding planning businesses and have been responsible for some of the most luxurious weddings around the world.

But this wasn’t her first career path, as Lelian accidentally fell into the industry!

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What did Lelian do first?

Lelian Chew wasn’t always a wedding planner.

She originally worked on the trading floor of Goldman Sachs and worked her way up to the role of private banker.

But Lelian stepped away from her career in finance after suffering from intense fatigue, she was working constantly on just three hours of sleep per night!

It was by stepping away from Goldman Sachs that Lelian discovered her true calling.

Lelian’s first wedding

Back in 2013, she began planning her own wedding.

When one of her banking clients was impressed with her work, he roped her in to help organise his son’s wedding. After her success with this wedding, clients were queueing up.

Lelian knew she was onto something special!

Following this success, Lelian started The Wedding Atelier. Soon after, she opened The Floral Atelier. Both are based in Hong Kong and Singapore.


Lelian Chew’s own marriage

For someone who spends their day-to-day planning weddings, you may anticipate that Lelian’s own wedding would be a spectacle.

Lelian is married but not much is known about her and her hubby’s relationship.

The young couple first lived in Hong Kong and moved their as newly-weds.

From Lelian’s Instagram post celebrating their seventh anniversary in 2015, we can tell they must have started their relationship back in 2008.

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Lelian on Instagram

If you are looking for some serious wedding inspo, then be sure to check out Lelian on Instagram.

From dreamy dresses to enviable venues, she posts about all her latest inspiration and travel.

You can follow Lelian @lelianchew.




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