Lizzie on Race Across the World 2020: Instagram, ski job and university!

Race Across the World returned for its second season on Sunday, March 8th with a brand new bunch of intrepid travellers ready to take on the challenge.

This season will see the route switched up from the UK to Singapore. Instead, the competitors will have to make their way across Central and South America, using little cash, no phones, and their own travel savvy.

Every contestant has their own reason for taking part. For siblings Dom and Lizzie, they are seeking to restore their relationship, one which has distanced as they’ve grown up. Will Dom and Lizzie be able to get over their sibling struggles to claim that all-important prize.

So, who is Lizzie from Race Across the World? Find out more about her on Instagram!

Screenshot: Dom and Lizzie in Race Across the World S2 E2 – iPlayer

Who is Lizzie?

Lizzie Slater is a 21-year-old chalet host who works in ski resorts across Austria. Lizzie is also studying for a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Edinburgh. She started her four-year MA in September 2016.

She and her older brother Dom are originally from Wetherby in Yorkshire. Dom is a 22-year-old teaching assistant.

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Lizzie on Race Across the World

When talking to the BBC about why she wanted to take part, Lizzie said: “To get the chance to build a stronger relationship with my brother, as I believe we have a lot more in common than we both think.”

In the second episode (Sunday, March 15th), Lizzie and Dom both admitted they had not been close – or even friendly at all – since the age of 13. They were hoping to rectify this on the round-the-world-type trip.

But fixing her relationship with Dom was not the only reason Lizzie signed up. She also wanted to build her own confidence. Lizzie continued:

I also want to give myself a chance to find more confidence as an individual, as I struggle to have faith in my abilities. I want to prove to myself I can complete a challenge like this with only myself to rely on.

Follow Lizzie on Instagram

Lizzie clearly has the travel bug, as the majority of her Instagram feed is filled with pictures of her jumping from place to place.

Over the years, Lizzie has been from Croatia and Carcassonne to Marrakech and Mexico. Her Insta is definitely going to give you a strong dose of wanderlust.

We found Lizzie on Instagram under the handle @lizzie.slater. She has since made her account private, though, so you will need to request to follow her. Lizzie currently has over 2,000 followers and counting. Her brother Dom’s Instagram account is still public.

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