Make the Lose Weight and Get Fit Chicken pancakes: Tom Kerridge reinvents a favourite!

Chef Tom Kerridge is bringing his A-Game in 2020 and sharing all of his health and fitness tips with the nation.

Tom, as well as a focus group of participants, take on the challenge of losing weight in the New Year. And that means an exercise regime as well as healthy eating.

Forget the cake, takeaways and anything else that throws our calorie count out of whack and bring on the healthy alternatives. Episode 4 of the series saw Tom bring us an all-round winner – his take on crispy duck pancakes.

By swapping out duck, which is high in fat, for chicken, this takeaway favourite can be included in a calorie-controlled diet. Here’s how to make Tom Kerridge’s chicken pancakes.

Screenshot: Lose Weight and Get Fit Tom Kerridge chicken pancakes – BBC

Make Tom Kerridge’s chicken pancakes

Step one: Start off with six skinless chicken thighs. Give them a dusting of white pepper.

Step two: Now sprinkle them with Chinese five-spice, season with salt and spray with oil.

Step three: Pop the chicken thighs into the oven for 45 minutes at 200 degrees celsius.

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Screenshot: Tom Kerridge chicken pancakes – BBC

How to make the plum sauce

Step one: Stone and quarter four plums, add them to a saucepan and add a splash of water.

Step two: Add red wine vinegar and soft brown sugar. For more sweetness, also add some granulated sweetener.

Step three: Now add Chinese five-spice powder, 2 star anise and some fragrant and spicy Szechuan pepper.

Step four: Finally add in grated garlic and ginger.

Construct your pancakes!

Step one: One the chicken is cooked and the sauce reduced, dish out the two star anise.

Step two: Puree and blend the sauce, pass it through a fine sieve if you wish. And to finish off the sweet, sour and punchy sauce, stir through soy sauce.

Step three: Warm the pancakes through and top with the sauce, meat and sliced spring onions and cucumber.




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