The Repair Shop is back on our screens this spring 2020 for another heartwarming series, and this year they have been bumped up to a primetime slot. Instead of its former status as a daytime watch, The Repair Shop now holds the 8pm slot on BBC One’s Wednesdays!

Each episode sees a group of experts set up shop at The Weald and Downland Museum, helping members of the general public restore their beloved broken items.

While the usual suspects are on board for this season – Jay Blades, Will Kirk, Suzie and Steve Fletcher – there are also some cast members who might be new to some.

So, who is Mark Stuckey? We’ve done some digging to find out more about the audio expert featured on The Repair Shop 2020.

Screenshot: The Repair Shop S5 E20 – iPlayer

Who is Mark Stuckey?

Mark is a radio and electronics expert. He has appeared on The Repair Shop just a handful of times now, when jukeboxes or radios need a touch of TLC.

We did some research to find if Mark had a store where he does repairs. A website reported that Mark ran Classic Radio Shop in Cromer, Norfolk. You can find out more about the store on their website.


The British Astronomical Association also revealed that Mark Stuckey has repaired telescopes before.

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Mark Stuckey on The Repair Shop

In Mark’s appearances on The Repair Shop so far, he has impressed with his electrical technical wizardry.

Last season saw Mark take a tape-to-tape recorder from the 1960s, which had been used by the client’s father to record family parties. The client had a collection of recordings of his father, and was desperate to hear his voice since he passed away.

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Screenshot: The Repair Shop S5 E20 – iPlayer

Does Mark have Twitter or Instagram?

We tried to find Mark on any form of social media, but it would appear that neither Mark nor Norfolk’s Classic Radio Shop have any presence on Instagram, Twitter, or even Facebook!

We’ll just have to get out Mark content through his The Repair Shop appearance, which will hopefully become more frequent.