Mark Wright's HIIT workouts: Train Wright on BBC Sport and Instagram!
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Mark Wright's HIIT workouts: Train Wright on BBC Sport and Instagram!

TOWIE alum Mark Wright has joined the ranks of celebrities promoting fitness during lockdown. In a partnership with BBC Sport, Mark has launched Train Wright, an intense HIIT workout for you to follow along with at home.

Train Wright with the BBC launched on Monday, May 25th and has already pulled in tens of thousands of viewers.

So, we’ve pulled some of Mark’s best HIIT workouts so you can follow along at home. Plus read more details on how to watch!

Mark Wright’s HIIT workout

Mark does 20-minute programmes which consist of 14 high-intensity workouts, each lasting for 45 seconds. You have 25 seconds of rest between each exercise and run it twice through.

To start, Mark starts with a simple jog to get the blood flowing. His introductory warm-up is pretty standard and involves stretches to warm up the arms, legs and back.

Read on for some of our favourite workouts from Mark…

Train Wright with Mark

One of the simplest and most effective HIIT workouts is High Knees. For the whole 45 seconds, Mark runs lifting his knees parallel to his hips. It would help if you held our your hands in front of you and attempted to touch your knees to your palms.

This exercise engages your core, strengthens all the muscles in your legs, gets your heart rate up.

Screenshot: Fitness Workout #1 – Train Wright with BBC Sport

The great thing about HIIT exercises is that they are all so familiar. We loved Mark’s spin on a regular squat. He does 45 seconds of frog squat jumps.

You do a regular squat – with knees over ankles and a flat back – but touch your hand to your opposite angle with each squat. So tap your right ankle with your left hand; your left ankle with your right hand. Repeat.

In between each squat, jump to place your feet back in the centre.

Screenshot: Fitness Workout #1 – Train Wright with BBC Sport

Sprint jumps are up next.

Jump from one side of the exercise mat to the other landing on one foot each time – e.g. when you land on the right side of the mat, land on your right foot.

Cross your other foot behind the leg you land on. Cross your arms over to the side you have landed on, as if you were sprinting. Check out Mark’s position below to see what we mean!

Screenshot: Fitness Workout #1 – Train Wright with BBC Sport

Train Wright HIIT exercises

To summarise, here are some of Mark’s top exercises. Complete 45 seconds of each.

  • High Knees
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Frog squat jumps
  • Boxing jabs
  • Sprint jumps

How to watch Train Wright

Live streams of Mark’s HIIT program air weekdays at 9 am on YouTube. They will then be able to watch afterwards on the BBC YouTube page.

The program will air daily from Monday, May 25th to Friday, May 29th.

You can also watch the Train Wright program on Mark Wright’s Instagram.




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