The 2020 series of MasterChef is heating up as the semi-finals kicked off on Monday, April 6th. The nine remaining chefs now face their toughest challenges yet, mass catering, creating dishes off the top of their heads, and cooking for more hard-to-impress judges.

One of the semi-finalists who has been non-stop talked about is Christian Day.

So, with Christian sailing through to another round, we thought it best to get to know the rugby player more. Find out about his career, Instagram and love life here!

Christian Day on MasterChef 2020

Who is Christian Day?

Christian is a former rugby player who lives in Northampton.

The 36-year-old contestant recently retired from his career after playing for 17 years.

Christian’s motivation to join MasterChef came from his desire to seek a new challenge after retiring. Plus, he added he’s missed being judged by his mentors in the rugby field!

On the BBC One show, one of the dishes that Christian impressed the judges with was a duck breast, served with mash and cauliflower.

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Christian Day on MasterChef 2020

Christian: Rugby career

The MasterChef contestant has had an impressive outing as a professional, having started his rugby career at the Sale Sharks. Sale is a rugby union club based in Manchester.

In 2008, he joined Northampton Saints and went on to compete in the Aviva Premiership and the European Rugby Challenge Cup.

Apart from that, Christian landed the chairman role at the Rugby Players’ Association in 2014 before handing the position to Mark Lambert in 2017.

The rugby star retired back in 2018 after playing professionally for 17 years.

Who is Christian Day’s wife?

Christian is married to a woman named Kirsty. Not much is known about their relationship, bar the titbits we have been told on MasterChef.

We searched through Christian’s Twitter and found that the couple have been married for at least nine years. Christian refers to his wife in a Tweet back in June 2011. So, it’s assumed they’ve been together over a decade.

You can find Kirsty on Twitter @Kirsty_a_day.

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Christian Day on Instagram and Twitter

You can find the MasterChef contestant on Instagram @christianday83 and on Twitter under the handle @christianday.

He actively shares posts on both platforms. His Twitter is more popular with 15.1k followers, however his Instagram account is quickly gaining followers. Since appearing on the show, Christian’s Instagram follow count has shot up by 3,000!

On his Instagram, Christian regularly shares tempting culinary dishes and his travels around the world.



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