MasterChef: Who is Philli Armitage-Mattin? Meet the Professionals chef on Instagram!

Philli has impressed the judges on MasterChef: The Professionals since her delivery of Japanese food in the 1st episode of 2020. Let’s meet her!

She is among more than 30 contestants competing for the crown this year, and was seen showing off her cooking skills in the first heat.

The skilled chef was up against 3 others at first, including Kuljit, Sammy and Andrew. Winning the first heat alongside her was Sammy.

So who is Philli? We found her on Instagram – let’s meet the contestant!

Masterchef: The Professionals S13 – The Chefs Generics (No. The Chefs Generics) – Picture Shows: Philli – (C) Shine TV – Photographer: Production. Picture: BBC

Meet Philli Armitage-Mattin

Philli practised for Masterchef: The Professionals by buying a one-way plane ticket to Japan, where she spent a year travelling from Japan to Indonesia.

While she was there, she worked in restaurants, visited Kobe beef farms, ate mochi, and had Okonomiyaki In izakaya while in Osaka.

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It all started at the age of 22, when she joined Gordon Ramsay Restaurants and became passionate about Asian food.

Philli, now 28, runs her own food consultancy businesses with Nutshell Food, and offers masterclasses for skilled chefs at Chef Tribe.

She enjoys cooking ‘pretty dirty food’, a hashtag she uses in her business.

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Philli on MasterChef: The Professionals

Philli was first asked to make a mushroom tortellini filled with a mushroom duxelles, served with a chosen sauce, in the first round.

Talking about the skills test, she wrote on Instagram:

I have to say it’s probably the most scared I’ve ever been. I was standing outside the studio next to the huge MasterChef logo literally shaking.

Philli then impressed the judges in the second round by making a carabineros okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake, topped with prawn tempura, miso mayonnaise, sriracha chilli sauce, salted fish flakes, and a grilled carabineros prawn.

She also made a ‘nduja, spiced Italian sausage, and gochujang, Korean red pepper and prawn head sauce.

Her dessert was grapefruit and white chocolate cheesecake, topped with mirin-marinated grapefruit segments, kinome leaves and sansho pepper.

Her efforts all paid off, as she is now in the final eight of the series!

Philli on Instagram

Philli, who has over 2,100 followers on the social media platform, regularly shares updates on her cooking ventures.

She isn’t just talented when it comes to cooking, but she’s funny, too – she had her reaction to her MasterChef debut filmed, popcorn in hand.

The heat 1 chef even does cook-a-longs for her followers!



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